View Full Version : Trophy Trout Pen Project Updates for Kokanee Power and CIFFI

Fisheries Advocate
03-31-2011, 08:53 AM
I have seen that Kokanne Power has all five pens at Shasta planted with trout, Two at new melones, 10 at Lake Almanor and the pens at collins filled with fish last Fall. These will provide great opportunities come this spring.

What I have not heard is if the CIFFI pens at Berryessa, Lewiston, and Trinity were filled this year. It would be good for the rest of us that support these programs to know the status of these projects..

Also, there is a group working on possible pen projects and fishery enhancement ideas for Lake Englebright and Bullards Bar... Reach out and be part of the support.

Nelsen Money--Inland Fisheries Advocate
Life member Kokanee Power
Past President -- CIFFI-Project Kokanee