View Full Version : Northern Turkey Hunt / The one that got away!

Okeechobee Slim
04-03-2011, 07:01 PM
Headed up to Yreka to do some Turky hunting with a good friend of mine this past weekend, Didnít get to bag one but another friend of ours popped a nice jake. We should have had a pair of Big Toms with some long beards but we got out done. We started off the morning with one person up in the rocks calling while me and another friend where set up below him about 20 yards with about 20 yards between me and the other shooter.

The turkeys where talking up a storm and where responding with almost every call he made. About 2 hours into are set up our buddy doing the calling lets out a Hey! We both looked back at him but couldnít find him in the rocks, he was pretty well hidden! About 10 minutes later I catch the glimpse of some nice looking tail feathers fanned out over a little knoll and another tom scratching in some brush in front of him to the left of me about 40 yards down and away. I waited hoping they would fully show themselves so we both could take a shot. About 2 minutes later they where gone..

About twenty minutes after they had vanished our buddy who was calling came down and asked why didnít we shoot. I said I didnít have a shot. He said there was 8 big toms right next to you about ten yards away. Come to find out from where me and my other buddy was sitting we couldnít see them because the turkeys where on the other side of a little knoll. If I was standing up or kneeling we would have been able to see them all. He said they where all Big Toms and that they had came up a ditch then up to the rocks where he was calling and then back down along that little knoll and where I got to see them they went back into the ditch back down to the bottom. None of them did any Gobbling, that was the funny thing about it, All of the talking came from the gobblers across on the other side of the mountain and in the fields.

Had the opportunity for a nice Gobbler but we lost that opportunity on poor planning. My first time to a new area up there to hunt and didnít know the lay of the land. It was dark when we went in and got set up. After it became light enough to see I was thinking that very thing that I really couldnít see to my left very well for that little knoll. I should have re-positioned myself but didnít want to chance giving away our location or scaring off any birds. Chalk one up for bad planning. But there is always next time,

Overall, it was a great time and a good learning experience.

Thanks for letting me share.

Okeechobee Slim