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04-05-2011, 07:50 AM
My son and I launched out of Belden's Landing around 7 am and ran down to the mouth of Montezuma Slough at Suisun Bay in my new (to me) 14 foot Crestwell. We set up our newly made fish balancers, baited with pile worms and eels, and fished for 3 hours on the out going tide with no bites. Started out a little choppy and settled down as the sun warmed up.

Pulled anchor and ran down to the Mothball fleet and anchored up where we had success with Righthook fishing last month (a 55 incher) in about 30 feet of water. Still nothing on the outgoing tide.

My wife had discovered, to her horror, some old anchovies in the freezer from last year while searching for frozen berries to put on her cereal. I did the diplomatic thing and brought them with us to use up. Thought I might be able to get striper for dinner so I baited 2 hooks with the old anchovy and put some sardine oil on it with a 1 ounce weight on a slider. I was using a 6'6" lite ugly stick with 10 lb spider wire. Well to make a long story short we started getting hits on the incoming tide, brought 4 sturgeon to the boat, 3 of them on the anchovy baited light tackle -- man that was exciting. The next to the last one we were sure was legal but only measured out to 41 inches. That fished looked like an albino and must have weighted 20 pounds, it was very white and had marbled markings on the head. Beautiful fish.

So the shunk was off my boat even though there were no keepers caught. Water temperature was 59 degrees, light breeze and FAC. Great day to be on the water with kin and the granddog.

04-05-2011, 10:42 AM
Great post...GOOD to get a little fish slime now and then even if they don't keep!