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04-05-2011, 10:20 AM
has anyone done it and what is a good species to go for and what lure.

thanks in advance

I was invited to go sailing, but I cant see going in the bay without a fishing rod

04-05-2011, 12:25 PM
I supose you could set up a halibut rig and bounce it off the bottom when the boat's not going to fast. Under sail... I doubt that you could fish at the same time.

Take some food and drink.. leave the rod and reel at home and enjoy the experence.

04-06-2011, 05:15 PM
Trolling via a sailboat presents many issues if you are under sail and soley powered by the wind. If you get a hit there's no stopping or reversing the boat, so you will be winching in your catch in addition to the current. I suppose you can turn directly into the wind, which will slow you down but you will most likely start drifting with the current. That's not a problem if you had the whiole place to your self, but not in this crowded world! Tacking will probably tend to create issues with your rig unless you can retreive your rig fast and let line out after the tack since you are almost turning around as you use the windpower for zig-zaging your way forward. If you were the only one fishing while the crew is busy tacking, then you might be sucessful. Otherwise it's alot of work. And then what happens if you hookup during a tack? Then you might piss the skipper off by making him drift uncontrollably backwards with the current, especially if there's other craft behind you.

On the other hand if you are not under sail and chugging via the diesel motor, then it's a excellent way to troll and catch fish. I have a friend who has a 38 ft sailboat moored in Sausalito that use use to head out the gate and head north twords Duxbury Reef in the fall. The 3-6 knot speed is perfect to trolling for salmon. The choppy bouyancy of the sailboat works your bait/lure into a different action than the rest of the fleet. We travel alot slower than most of the fleet but that also allows us to cover some waters that alot of the fleet passes up, and sometimes that means bigger fish that don't hang around with the shakers and medium sized fish. Sometimes you are trolling against a 2-3 knot flood current and your bait/lure is flashing wildly while you are hardly moving any distance. What kind of fish can resist the temptation of slurping in an easy prey using not much energy to chase it. We have sorta adapted our rigs since we are usually (trolling in a single track) instead of trolling into the school, then going back and re-drifting into the same school like the partyboat skippers and smaller craft can do. You guys who chase salmon frequently probably have seen us out there catching salmon right along with the fleet. It's a real challange navigating a sailboat along with the fleet, especially after hooking a big fish. Sometimes we don't even make out to the fleet. Alot of times we already caught out limit right past the Potato Patch and are on our way back in. In those times we would head back into the bay between Sausalito and Richardson Bay, find a calm place to anchor and catch some monster skates and 5-gill sharks till we get tired, or we run out of beer! Good luck trolling!

04-07-2011, 10:56 AM
Fish R Us,

Thanks for the info. Do you use live bait ? You ever troll with any artificial?

04-07-2011, 04:48 PM
We use to run hardware that was different than what the fleet was using. A common tactic was to a red rotary salmon killer(med depth) and a blue or clear rotary(deep) on the port & starboard with a herring dodger & Krocadillie (green/white sardine) on the stern. Or a hoochie (any depth). I think the rotarys/anchoivies got the smell going and the stearn usually got the bigger fish. We use to hang around the 20-35 fathom line but that was out in the ocean, not inside the bay. Dont forget to bend your barbs back if use are trolling for salmon. Good Luck.