View Full Version : Lake Camanche Wed. 4/6/11

04-06-2011, 07:09 PM
Got my boat and tow rig repaired AND it finally stopped raining! Brother in-law and I headed to Camanche. Guy at the booth said 'don't troll, head for the narrows, anchor and use green power bait' So we motored off to Rabbit Creek and Hat island and trolled.
Surface temp 58-60, breezy/windy. Threw quite a bit of hardware at them, Hot Steel, Fire Tiger, Orange Rapalas, Orange & White Grubs - it narrowed down to crawler behind Silver Ford Fenders with silver prism tape. We ended up with 3 rainbows about 2 pounds each. We ended up making passes at the strip between Rabbit Creek and Hat Island. Brother in-law hooked about a 4pounder that jumped about 3 times but lost it at the boat. We had a couple of break-offs, and more long distance releases - if we'd have landed all that we hooked it would have been a great day!


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