View Full Version : Diving for abs 8/11 Reef campgrnd

08-14-2007, 08:37 PM
I went out to Reef in search of some abs and was surprised by how small they were. I was diving around 20 feet and the vast majority of abs I saw were 7.5. I ended the day with two clingers and one that was around 8.5. I was diving just south of the main reef. There were a bunch of cars up top but almost nobody was diving on the reef itself now I know why. Next time I will have to walk south about a quarter mile. I saw several nice sized black and yellows/china rockfish but did not get them. I also noticed several large sea enemies that were as white as paper, until now all the sea enemies I have ever seen were tinted florescent green but they were always smaller. Perhaps the greens ones are babies?