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04-24-2011, 08:20 AM
As soon as I pulled up the Pistolero (Friend’s boat called the Pistolero 3) shared GPS location, He was hooked up...I tried to film his salmon battle and looked around and He was hooked up again...The heck with filming lets drop those UV FBR (color-Ultra Violet Franko Bullet Rotator™) in the water...hits 80 feet on the wire (Braid) downrigger bam...double hook up…

And the rest of the story starting at the beginning.....
launch at Moss Landing, CA worked my way out to the Soquel hole (tip of underwater Soquel Canyon)…nada.. so we said if it going to happen we are going to do something different...decide to move to the Soldier Club (area off of Ford Ord north of Monterey -(Club building has been tore down now)) to see if any bait or salmon had worked into that area (excellent holding area for bait and salmon)...got there and saw a bunch of party boats stack up at Portagee ledge (Under water ledge rock pile off Monterey, CA)...so wandered over there and notice that I'm not far from to the Point Pinos where a friend was fishing..call the friend Captain Jose Montes (Pistolero 3) and he had just release one and had 3 keepers…Move to his location...arrived their (area called Hogfarm- the 300 foot line off Point Pinos where hog (Big) salmon travel into Monterey Bay) at noon see above... Well after the double hookup, rebaited the UV FBR™ and then one after another landed for a total of 4 nice salmon...with wind picking up and a 15 mile run back to Moss Landing (launch ramp). We are happy with what we have….20 MPH run back...It just goes to show salmon are here one day and there the next...All fish on UV FBR™ ….Bill Shelton

Salmon piggy action busting video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h-Q9hguw6w ;

Peaceful and beautiful Monterey bay

Double Hook up

Jumped in the net

Bill Jr salmon

Bill Salmon

04-24-2011, 02:40 PM
Great Report and Happy Easter!