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04-29-2011, 05:34 PM
To all members,many times you will see a sticky thread about an event,certain lake or type of fishing,trout,salmon,shad,kokes,etc.These threads are made stickies due to the subject matter which may be of significant interest to many members,HOWEVER you are not REQUIRED to post on them,if you wish to make your own separate post on any subject you are free to do so,some stickies such as Sniffer fests,show us your rigs,or special one time events are best left on the original sticky threads,others like the Amador thread,steelhead,etc started by myself become to long and many people become bored sifting through them,many great fishing stories get lost in the shuffle an the poster may lose the recognition they deserve due to so many random posts on the sticky thread,SO the bottom line is you are NOT required in any way to post on a sticky just because it is there,create your own thread an get your own replies an don't get lost in the crowd.Use your own judgement when an where you post info.Make a new thread or post on a sticky,the choice is yours.Thanks Don