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05-02-2011, 09:04 PM
Our first trip out with 4 Anglers shipped off for Salmon fishing. Total of 8 fish, 5 keepers, 2 shakers & 1 escapee. Tackle used was an array of fish candy, Water4857melon dodgers, rotary killers, Franko’s and frozen trayed anchovies/herring. Good day but we had to finish it off getting the fish prepared 4856for a grilled feast of Salmon. Marinated the fish with lime, Rosemary from my garden, garlic salt & pepper for an hour. It was then topped 4855off with mayo and wrapped in aluminum. Boy was it delicious as I shared with my family and friends. It was well worth the trip to Bodega. Also, forgot to mention we had a stowaway on board...a :bananachaga: Who says they are bad luck?

05-03-2011, 05:54 AM
I'm so envious right now. Great catches!

05-03-2011, 07:14 AM
Thank you!

05-06-2011, 01:13 PM
beautiful fish! did you go north or south to get them?

Big Game
05-06-2011, 07:39 PM
Nice Job, well done.

Maybe you should have put that Banana in the photo to give those fish some scale (LOL)

Big Game

05-10-2011, 06:30 AM
Pt Reyes....
As for the Banana it was long gone M.I.A in someone's belly way before fish were caught....Lol
Thanks all

Big Game
05-10-2011, 09:32 AM
Just joking Talks. I would take those fish any day. Enjoy your feast.

Big Game

05-18-2011, 09:24 AM
thanks for the report ... where were you fishing?

06-06-2011, 04:26 PM
Bodega bay. Pt Reyes