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05-10-2011, 01:01 PM
I'm always on the outlook for some new and unique items to enhance your kokanee fishing experience. I've also updated my website to Kokaneemart 2.0 so please check it out. It has an easier to follow menu, manufacturers links and even videos...pretty cool!


Here is a few that I think you will enjoy...

The new OBI (Overboard Industries) Chargebox...this cool item is a box with mirror sides and battery operated UV lights. Put your glow dodgers and lures in it on the way out to the fishing grounds and you will have an awesome charge on your dodgers, RGT's and hoochies. They are @ $45 with shipping and are well made in America to last for years!


The EGO Slider net....this beauty is the very best net I have owned or offered. It comes with a medium size (17 inch X 19 inch) clear rubber head and has interchangeable heads (they screw on and off the extendable net handle) for different types of fishing. The net extends from 4 ft to 10 ft and is great for reaching out beyond your motor or downriggers to get that feisty early season koke! They are @ $90 with shipping.


Now you need something to hold that net with so this WakeAir Stainless Net Holder is perfect and a great addition to your boat... They sell for @ $70 with shipping.


No post would be complete withoput some new lures so here is the new Crystal Basin Blue Haze Kicker Dodger....

http://store.kokaneemart.com/catalog/C%20B%20Tackle%20Kicker%20Dodger%20UV%20Blue%20Haz e.JPG

that works great with the new line up of GVF spinnerbugs....here is the new Blueberry made for Lake Berryessa!


And something to hold all of these new goodies in....the FishTime Tackle Ultimate Tackle Binder (really nicely made here in Northern Calif and a great way to get organized this season!...@ $20 with shipping)


05-10-2011, 09:17 PM
Hope this isnt getting old butt...................... Any news on the line counter Tica Caman's? still dreaming, like I said before I love my Tica's!! I would love to sell my Diawa 17's for a quality Tica!!!!
Thankz Rick