View Full Version : Things are looking up!

05-18-2011, 10:02 AM
Okay, I've got no crystal ball, or psychic abilities, but this salmon season and next years certainly look better than last year! I've salmon fished and worked as a deckhand on and off since 1979, and after several years out of the industry, I got back into it last season. I'm working on the Outer Limits, out of Sausalito. Last season was horrible, very few legal fish, worst of all, we had 1 shaker ALL season! This season, so far we only have had 1 official trip, and we landed 4 legal fish. While that sounds pretty poor, we also shook over 20 undersized fish on that trip, from about 12" to about 22" so this potentially bodes well for the future of the fishery, particularly later this year and for the next seasons. One of the biggest problems we face is the serious lack of boats, with eyes and ears onboard, upon the ocean so far this season! It's hard to consistently locate fish, when there are so few boats fishing! Hopefully, with cooperative weather, we will have more boats fishing soon, and we can get a handle on where these fish are..........best of luck to all this season!