View Full Version : W Carson + ICR 6/10-6/12

06-14-2011, 07:26 PM
6/10 - Left Bay Area at 6 AM Friday with 2 friends and drove up 88 to the W Carson. Stopped at the first bridge. Only one person there (with 2 fish), so we took out the gear and gave it a try. Knocked them out! Between the 3 of us, we caught over 50 fish! Largest was only 14", but fun anyway. Above the bridge a salmon egg under a bobber worked best. Below the bridge the egg bouncing along the bottom worked best. No hits on lures. Water was 44 degrees. I thought it would have been colder. Water was high, but quite fishable.

Went to a fine lunch at Sierra Pines in Woodsfords and then checked out the E. Fork. It was very high and muddy. Tried it in a couple of places, but had no bites.

Went back to the W fork at the 99/89 'T', and caught at least 20 more. Kept 5 to take home.

6/11 - Went early to ICR. Not many people there until they came to setup for a kid's fishing derby that we did not know about. Had some big bites but could not hook them up. One quick bite and they would be gone. Had most bites on inflated nightcrawlers or R/w/b powerbait. Water was 58 degrees. When all the kids started showing up, we left for breakfast at the Cutthroat in Markleeville.

Headed back to the 'T' and caught some more planters. My Friend, Tony, hooked onto what was at least a 5 lber (it jumped up for all to see), but with the current so strong the fish was able to break his 6# line.

Went back to ICR around 4pm. The derby had cleared out, but the wind was up. Had some more bites, but, again, not hook ups.

6/12 - Went out at 6 am to the 'T'. Only caught 3 between us. Couldn't find the fish there. Went to the upstream highway bridge where we caught them on Friday and caught 20 more. Kept 5 to eat, and headed home around 11 AM to beat some of the traffic.

Despite catching none at ICR, the 3 of us caught over 110 in the 2.5 days of fishing. Sorry no pictures, but the Captain's pictures just about cover it.