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06-23-2011, 10:17 AM
So now that the weather is all warmed up and the snow is mostly melted and you can get to those hungry trout itís time to get your gear together go to the bait shop and hit the water. So to kick off the late season, what is your favorite set up for trout: rods, reels, line, and hooks etc.?

Iíll start.

Spinning: 5í ultra light action ugly stik spinning teamed with a shimano Sahara 750fd with either 5# or 6# Clear Pline fluroclear

Trolling: 7í 6Ē light power moderate action St. Croix premier casting rod teamed with either a shimano Cardiff 301a with 10# Clear Pline fluroclear or a shimano Citica with 8# Clear Pline fluroclear


Tight Lines,

06-23-2011, 11:34 AM
6'6" Loomis 4-8lb with Stradic 1000 loaded with 3lb test P-Line Floroclear

2nd rod is 7ft Lamiglas with Sadona 1500 loaded with 3lb P-Line Floroclear.

I primarily throw small jigs and lures however if i use any bait (powerworms) its all size 8 Owner mosquito hooks for me.

06-24-2011, 06:26 AM
I'm mainly a topwater and fly/bubble guy along with a side of lures when casting. Not much for trolling in the last few years...

I have lots of rigs but my two favorite setups are below:

- 6'6" light spinning rod/reel with 4lb or 6lb (Pfleuger President combo - 6'6" Light)
- Great casting distance, light action rod's whip characteristics help get about 10 more yards than my UL setup.
- This is my go to setup - I can outcast

- 5' or 5'6" UL rod/reel with 4lb (Can't recall make/model)
- Fun setup for smaller fish, if using fly bubble and fish are finicky I'll use a fluoro leader as it's a bit clearer.

The make and model of rods vary - most setups are in the $75-150 range for rod/reel together.

06-24-2011, 08:18 AM
7-0' Anglers Touch or Seeker rods.
An assortment of Nickle, Brass, and Painted Shasta Tackle Sling Blades.
Humdinger, Criplures, and Flea Bitty's all by Shasta tackle.
And an assortment of PRF's.

In order to make the above effective I enlist the information offered me by my Lowrance HDS-10 sonar.