View Full Version : Amador in the heat

07-10-2011, 12:05 PM
a buddy and i hit amador yesterday to try our hand at some night time bass fishin. we were itching to get to the lake so we left early. we were on the water at 430. it was hot and the water temp was 82 degrees. we wanted to scout the coves and areas for our night time adventure. so we figured we would go to our bread and butter and troll for trout as we scouted the lake. and to our surpise it paid off.
we trolled kastmasters, rapallas, a small dodger and crawler and flashers and crawler. nothing for the kastmasters and rapallas. we tried the dodger on the downrigger at various depths for nothing. there was also a lot of algae that kept getting tangled in the lines. it was annoying to say the least. but as we were preparing to attach the downrigger, the tip dipped and a few minutes later we had a trout. it was pretty shocking that the trout hit at the surface with 80 degree water temp! so we decided to just keep that settup on the downrigger at 5-10 feet so the downrigger line would get the algae.
after a fews hours, we only had two trout to the boat, lost three and had at least 5 hits. all trout hit in the main body of the lake on the side of the campsites. we also saw people landing fish from shore. the two fish we landed were about 1.5 lbs, but still better than nothing.