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07-26-2011, 10:17 PM
My buddy and I got up to Silver in the early afternoon on Wednesday last week, a late start but we always have better luck there at sundown anyhow... went directly to The Best Spot On The West Side Shore. Sure enough, things were mighty slow for a while - good for me though because I was thoroughly beat from the hike (!) Rosie the Wonder Dog found an interesting rock to sniff around for squirrels, when she wasn't chasing the lizard by the neighboring rock.

Sunset was slow in coming, and I spent almost as much time exploring with Rose as fishing - but then the wind died and it got almost-sunset and the action started. My buddy got a nice ~12-incher rainbow, then another nice one. Then it was my turn: after losing what looked like a whopper Brown inches from shore, just a few minutes later landed a very beautiful Brown, estimated 14-15". Took a few pics with my camera but the camera, lighting, and me did not get along so nothing to post. No sooner had we gotten the hook out of that one and me settled down, freeing up the net, then his rod was jumping and he rolled in another nice rainbow... I think he ended up with 4 for the day. Being satisfied with what we had, it was time to get to camp, miraculously before dark with time to cook dinner in the light.

Next day, Rosie didn't really want to get out of the truck - hopped out gamely and hobbled a few feet to pee, then right back in. Didn't want to go for a walk. Turns out she had run her paws a bit raw the day before. Now here I must digress, and explain something about Rose: she's a smart dog and really focuses when I talk (even when she decides to ignore my request). She can do a bit of abstract thinking. She can make rational choices, and has learned a way to tell me the result: I put out my left fist, and said "go for a walk" then my right fist "stay car"; then I said "choice". Without hesitation she reached out and touched my right fist with her nose. Once more to confirm, mixing the choices/sides, then I'm walking alone. Later when we went to fish the east shore, my buddy was hiking too so the stakes were a bit higher, so Rose decided to go with us... for a while, but after a couple hours I got a light tap on my hand: she's hot, sore, and wants to go back.

We spent the morning not-catching-fish, then in the early afternoon headed back to The West Side. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to walk in again and back out; and Rosie was unlikely to do more hiking. But I gave her the choice, she picked hiking, and off we limped.

Oh, almost forgot: when we paid, we were pleased to find that the "host" there was a nice lady who later on gave us a break on closing time :-)

The scene at The Site was basically just as the day before, except Rosie mostly lay in the shade watching the lizards and squirrels. My buddy got a couple/few more nice bows, it was getting late and I was tired of no bites and ready to leave, But my friend insisted that I try one more cast Right There, so I did, and within seconds the Second Biggest Fish of the trip, a nice big Rainbow!

Then we hiked out. Rosie was limping and walking on soft parts of the trail, finding alternate routes to smoother rocks and duff-cushioned paths. It looked sort of familiar somehow... then I realized that she was stepping in the exact places where I would have stepped if I were to hike it barefoot.

We approached the entrance way past closing time, but The Gate was still open and The Host was still smiling!

One more Rosie item: She lives with other people now because I physically wasn't able to care for her at one time, but I get visiting rights. After the Silver trip she stayed with me overnight, then next day I gave her a choice: "stay at Dan's house" or "go to Diana's house". She touched both fists.


07-27-2011, 02:43 AM
im going camping this weekend, i will be trolling