View Full Version : Good weekend in Mendocino, how could it have been better?

08-10-2011, 09:26 AM
Fished a small creek section of the Eel River right below the scotts danm in Mendocino national forest last weekend. It made for some fun trout fishing. Me and my girlfriend used black rooster tails and panther martin inline spinners by them selves, with real worms, and with berkley trout worms. Caught my biggest on a real worm on the rooster tail hook. I was using braided line, 20 ibs test mono leader on an ultralight graphite ugly stick and WOW. I felt everything and also had no issues with line being taken by the current faster than my lure which use to be a problem. We each caught about 5 smaller rainbows. Any advice on how I may have caught bigger creek trout? I figure switching to a lighter flourocarbon leader may help.

08-10-2011, 10:36 AM
i'd recommend going with 6 lb test MAX for trout, preferrably PLine flouroclear (clear, not green). some people prefer and feel confident with 4 lb but i prefer 6; trout teeth can be very sharp and i've lost a dozen bigger trout when i fished with 4 even with the drag on low:/ i'd also recommend looking for the deepest pool to fish. you have to think like a trout, they want a place to rest (like a deep pool, or behind larger boulders) but also access to riffles to feed/spawn/get oxygen. lastly, just because you catch smaller fish doesn't mean there aren't bigger ones. it can be hit and miss with bigger trout; a lot of the time i'll catch a couple smaller ones fromt the same spot before i hook a big one.

sounds like you had a lot of fun:)