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09-11-2011, 09:36 PM
this is posted on both the trout and bass forum as it pertains to both.

let me start off by saying how blessed i am to live in such a beautiful area with access to some of the most picture-perfect stretches of river that houses some of the best trout/bass fishing available in California. every time i go fishing i hike MILES through thick forest, unforgiving river rocks and swift currents; and it's all worth it. to be physically able and have access to these parts of California really trips me out..

anyway, moving on from the sappiness.. after i got multiple awesome replies from my "favorite smallmouth lure" thread on the bass forum i went over the Fisherman's Warehouse and picked up some Gitzits in multiple colors (mostly naturals and a bright orange one just like Fishbucket recommended). i looked at my gear and told my girlfriend, "i have a feeling tomorrows gonna be a REALLY good day. i just feel it. i feel i get fishing." and i got a weird feeling, kinda like if a person who's been training for a marathon realized they only have to run 100 ft; confidence.
i google mapped the stretch of river a long way upstream from my last post and i found several spots. i decided to go with the spot furthest upstream and if it wasn't any good i would just leave and check out the other spots on the way back.

i got up early and was on the river around 7:30-8.. the water was extremely low compared to downstream, almost too low for trout in this warm of water. i walked to a rocky point about 60 feet above the water and saw a few good looking fish down below and got excited. i started off by just tossing a worm with a split shot into the spot where i saw the fish and i got a couple small bites but they didn't stick so i upgraded to the kastmaster flasher method.. still nothing. after gazing in the water for a few minutes i saw a fish but it didn't look like a trout.. it was a smallmouthhttp://www.fishsniffer.com/images/smilies/smile.png i instantly busted out the Luck Craft Pointer SP50 in ghost rainbow and boom.. fish on. i was impressed but i also wanted to test out other gear for smallies. on my previous trip i was having trouble with crawdad crankbaits and getting them to go down instead of floating upward. AnglingWes recommended using a bell weight; i don't know if this is called a bell weight but it works! attach this [in the pic to come] to the ring of the crankbait and jig it off the bottom. smallies go CRAZY for this! it clearly works VERY WELL, thanks AnglingWes. i also tried the gitzit and jigged it off the bottom and hooked up with one but lost him. i decided to go back to the pointer (i love catching something off of a jerkbait) and moved downstream.

*this story could be a book and almost is already but i'm going to sum it up from here.

i caught fish left and right. i caught around 30 fish, yes, 30 fish in one day. 6 trout, the rest were smallies. i crept up on the holes and casted toward the rocky ledges and made my jerkbait haul *ss!!! every spot i was able to catch 3-4 smallies. i found a spot with a fat rock in the middle of the river. the rock had nooks underneath were i saw a few good size smallies so i cast out caught a couple and on my 2-3 cast after the previous catch i caught a nice 13-14 inch rainbow, on a jerkbait! it hit it soooo hard i thought it was a smallie for sure. since i hadn't seen any other trout yet i decided to let it got to repopulate the place http://www.fishsniffer.com/images/smilies/smile.png

the rest of the story is a TON of small mouth and a few dinker trout. i took pics of the pretty ones, mostly the one's with the pretty tiger stripes http://www.fishsniffer.com/images/smilies/smile.png

last but not least.. i cast upstream with the Pointer reeled in downstream and BOOM fish on, but then BOOM it started REALLY taking off. i thought, "Jesus this is the big one" but after a struggle i got it in close enough to see that i had TWO SMALLIES on at the same time!!! i rushed back to my camera but in the process the fish on the body treble came off. i took a pic of the fish that stayed on so i'd remember but i don't think i'll ever forget!

AWESOME day of fishing!!! even though no monster trout/smallies were caught i couldn't be more satisfied, although i am on the prowl for that trophy smallie http://www.fishsniffer.com/images/smilies/smile.png

first decent-size smallie

my favorite fish of the day. this guy put up a great fight and had some beautiful tiger stripes down it's sides.

trout caught on a jerk bait.

double hook-up smallie :)
last decent size smallie of the day

09-12-2011, 08:18 AM
crawdad set up

09-12-2011, 09:33 AM
Great story and nice fish - thanks.

09-12-2011, 09:57 AM
dang man nice work as usual!! I am gonna have to take the girlfriend up to those spots you told me about!

09-12-2011, 11:45 AM
thanks guys, it was a blast!

since i caught so many saturday i decided to check out downstream sunday; surely there would be bigger pools/bigger fish downstream. being as there were so many smallies vs rainbows i decided i didn't need to get up as early as i usually do for trout fishing. i woke up late, ate a fat breakfast and got to the river around 10. this section of the river was MUCH shallower than upstream.. weird. it was mostly long stretches of riffles with the occasional small pool. i saw two people decked out in fly fishing gear and i got excited and asked them "how many". they replied "nothing, the water's too warm for fish, especially trout". i said "yea, probably" but in my head i was grinning and thinking 'you's a damn fool' haha.

i took my time down to the river and decided to not focus so much on fishing today; i had an amazing day yesterday and i definitely didn't expect to get the same results today, i focused mostly on scenery and enjoying the day. i fished much less agressively.

withing 25 minutes i landed 5 smallmouth on the Pointer SP50. felt i didn't need to take many pics today, you guys know what a 2 lb smallmouth looks like.

went about a mile and a half down stream and saw a lot of potential trout spots. i tossed out my pointer into a pool right below a shallow water fall and caught a decent sized rainbow on the second cast. about 3-4 casts after that i got a MASSIVE hit but it came off. i was SUPER bummed but oh well, today's a no stress zone. i tried out the kastmaster flasher method and landed two more rainbows around 12-13 inches. i had to keep them both because they both bled (one got stuck in the gill and one had the hook go through it's head).

the sun started decending below the mountian horizon so i decided to head back. on the walk back i saw a perfect trout spot; probably the best one of the day due to it's depth. i quickly jogged to the spot and casted out the Pointer and nailed a nice 14 incher on the 5th cast. i let it go and tried the kastmaster flasher method but only recieved small nibbles. decided 9 fish was enough for a day so i packed up, took a beer break and enjoyed the scenery and reminisced over the awesome weekend i was having. when i got back to my car it started sprinkling, couldn't have left at a better time. PERFECTLY STRESS FREE WEEKEND!!!

pan-size trout


trout spot. i made my pointer hug the white water from the water fall and caught a couple missed a couple.