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Captain Compassion
09-25-2011, 05:23 PM
Utlanan1 came to town and said he would like to do a little fishing on Sunday. We decided to go south for a little fishing on the West and Little Walker Rivers. We arrived at the Little Walker River around 0745. There ware a couple of small stockers hanging and One was hooked briefly but there was nothing more. We then hit the West Walker at the Sonora Bridge. Nothing here as well But it sure was pretty. Next down to the 395 bridge. The water remained high but Efren managed two DFG stockers that he decided to keep for his Father in Law. Our last stop was in mid canyon. With water flows at 140 CFS the river was much to fast to fish with normal methods so I showed Efren how poke pole fish for trout behind the rocks along the shore. At his third stop he was rewarded with a husky 3# Alpers Bow. Hope that the flows lower before the end of the season. Certainly not a lot of folks fishing up here especially for a Sunday. Efren, thanks for the ride up on the Walker. You had a good day. That Alpers Bow should be quite tasty.


Eastern Sierra Morning

Efren Gives it a Try

Sonora Bridge

One at the 395 Bridge

Dinner Guests

Mid Canyon

Poke Pole Fishing

Fat Alpers Bow

09-25-2011, 10:11 PM
WTG Efren, nice catch. Looks like the river is still running a little high from all the rains lately. Thanks for the post CC:rain3pr:......Jetspray