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10-08-2011, 11:41 AM
Only canned tuna before with my friends Tom and Joy using a pressure cooker so this was the first time canning in a regular pot. A few days ago my niece and I picked some tomatoes, rinsed them, boiled them to separate skin then made bolognese and vegetarian pasta sauces. After cleaning with soap (the tops and jars) we put the jars into a different pot with simmering to boiling water for at least 15 minutes. Before putting the tomatoes in simmering water I found it was easier to remove the stems. Skins separated within minutes and were set aside to cool or I have read you can put in a bowl of cool water. We removed the skins which can be done by squeezing the bottom end. Next we removed the jars from the water and filled to within a inch of the top with the peeled tomatoes or pasta sauce trying not the get and liquid on the top or screw part. To prevent air in jar we slid a knife along the edges and the wiped the top if necessary. The tops with the rubber sealant were then put on the jars and then the screw cap was put on tight and then loosened 1/4 turn. The jars were then placed back into the clean/sterile simmering water and brought to a light boil for at least 10 minutes. I kept the jars in for about a half hour and removed with a strainer or tongs and place on a clean towel on a clean surface. Let sit at least a few hours or overnight before tightening the caps all the way. NOTE: With the first batch we had tightened the caps all the way as was instructed in a cook book I had. Unfortunately this blew the bottoms right off the jars. On the box of Kerr's jars it warned not to over tighten. I in the first batch I had put salt into the water and on the successful cans I did not. With the first batch we had boiled the empty jars before hand and let sit for a half hour. 2nd batch were removed from water and filled immediately then returned to the water. There was also some trouble with sealing if I filled the jars too close to the top. I don't think you can leave too little room, but you definitely can leave too little. If anyone has any advice or corrections please comment as this was the first batch.

10-08-2011, 04:59 PM
I will have to taste test the first sucessfull batch before I lend my opinion..