View Full Version : 11-27 crazy shark day

12-05-2011, 08:44 PM
Took a buddy out shark fishing for his first. He had heard the storries but I dont think he truly believed how many fish we get into on some days. We ve tried setting this up several times but something always scewed up the plans. This time it paid off, he started out with a tiny sand shark, I m sure he wasnt impressed much. Then I rattled off about 7 sharks in a row and now hes getting pissed. He finally started to catch his share, a mix of leopards sands 7gills spiny dogfish and rays. The tide started to change and we had a slow period for about 45 mins or so. About 20mins after the boat switched direction on the outgoing tide all hell broke loose. We then tore it up one or two right afereach other,no time to eat, or drink. As soon as our bait hit bottom it was on. We lost track but our best guess was a total of 45-50.
7927 7928

12-06-2011, 11:15 AM
holy smokes, thats a lot of fish for 1 day. i wouldn't have believed it either. thanks for posting the pics.