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01-17-2012, 11:44 AM
well got the ok from the wife to head out and do a little overnighter with my buddy before winter officially set in! we settled on Jenkinson Lake since my buddy needed to be up in tahoe sunday morning.

got there around 800am and on the water by 830. we trolled the narrows, the shore line, the middle and used everything that has worked in the past at this lake and others, all for nada! so around 130 we decided to finish setting up camp and grab lunch. then back on the water around 330. again narrows, to the dams and along the campside shore lines for..... yup... nada. we had one solid hit on a dodger / crawler set up, but it never came back. what a discouraging day! i figured we would be solid for at least a few trout, but it was not in our cards. i am glad we actually stayed the night, or i would have put my boat up for sale that night! haha. glad i slept that off.

in the am sunday, my buddy took off. i thought about leaving, but wanted to give another go at it. so i fished from shore for two solid bites an hour apart, and that was it. the fish hit the bait, and left it alone after that.

overall nice little gettaway, minus the no fish. and i was doing so good too, had double digit fish days on my last 5 outings. well nothing like a big old fat skunk :skunk29gc:to bring us back to reality!

oh and only saw one planter trout taken from shore the whole trip and also saw a pretty hefty brown come out right in front of us too! and that was it for 1.5 days of fishing!

until next time sniffers!


01-17-2012, 05:41 PM
Well thanks for the update Buckman,to bad it couldn't of been better,but it sounded like a fun skunk,LOL.
Even skunk posts are a good read,kept trying things gotta change.....Don

01-17-2012, 05:49 PM
That's the reason it has the nickname "Lake Fishless." I've caught plenty of planter bows in the late spring but its always a hit or miss proposition. Rarely a limit. Much like Folsom Lake. All work and no fish makes Jack go elsewhere!

01-17-2012, 06:07 PM
At least it was nice out! Looks like a week of weather coming, its about time! There are large lakers in that lake and a few browns. A friend of my caught a 38in 13 pound mack once, but that was the only thing we got all day! I heard there is no launching until they open the gate now, so it is off my list of places to go. I am also not a Lake trout fan anyways. I'd rather goto Folsom!