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01-19-2012, 07:06 AM
3 Rainbows to 2+#, 1 1# crappie, 2 HNS, 1 LDR, none broken off, no SDR. A cold in the early morning, but beautiful day at Amador. Chris Larsen a fellow SIR/Jolly Hooker Fishing Club member joined me and 31 other SIR/Jolly Hookers for our January Derby. We bait fished Power Bait on the bottom for half an hour, trolled the rest of the day. I forgot my electric trolling motor, had gas line problems to my kicker & used my 90 hp Mercury with a drag sock. The action we had was on the orange (3) grub, headed by PB Red fluorescent sparkle egg, tipped with a PB Rainbow nugget, smeared with Trophy Trout gel on the surface (2) and at 1 color (1) of lead core. I got the crappie on a F7 Black & Silver Rapala. 1.5-1.6 mph. 3 locations Doney Bay (2), Jackson Creek, marina cove. The 33 of of us brought in 29 fish. Lloyd Willoughby was 1st with 3# 6 oz, Dave Underwood 2nd 3#, Mike Devore 3rd 2# 15 oz and Dexter Moise 2# 14 oz. Most of the larger fish were caught on white grubs or flies. After fishing Dan Piotrowski and Wayne Philpot hosted a shore lunch with Dan’s famous home made “polish” chili, rolls, brownies & pastries for dessert, soda & water. A great lunch, thanks fellows. 6.5 hours (6:30-1), 11 miles. Water 49.5*. Air 30-55. Sky clear. Wind 0 mph. Sunrise 7:23, % moon visible 44 waning.

Ps - For those readers who don't know, SIR stands for Sons in Retirement, and is a large social club of retired, nearing retirement men. A member of SIR can join our fishing club which meets once a month for breakfast, and has outings every month to northern CA lakes, the delta and the ocean. Other SIR activities include golf, bowling, walking, travel, dining, etc.. If you are interested in joining us, give me a call at 916-979-9589. See you out there.

01-19-2012, 08:03 AM
Wow Guy, 33 of you at Amador at once,that must of made em happy,were you all in boats or did some bank it?
You guys are tough as it was cold that morning,not a good time to mess with a motor.
Nice good detailed post as always,an looks like ya got some nice fish for your efforts,way to go........Don