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02-04-2012, 06:10 PM
Well Im sure most have already heard by now that Collins did their first "trophy" plant of 2012 on friday. It was 2000 lbs released at 1620 between the boat ramp and the beach. I disnt see the actual fish but talked to someone who was standing right there and he said he disnt see any large fish come out.

We launched at dawn and trolled the dam all the way down past the beach for 3 smallies by 1200. 2 were caught on a silver and gold yozuri, the third on a fire tiger needledish dragging a nightcrawler on a 30in leader behind a 3/8oz bullet weight. After lunch we went back out for another try at getting a nice fish. We once again trolled shoreline from the beach to the north into the first cove for 2 hits on the needledish that were worm stealers. We boogied back up to the dam and I switched to a trout pattern yuzuri on one, and she kept the needlefish on one and tried several others along the way. Within 2 min i had the first one on, another 8" dink. Just after releasing and getting back in the water I was into another. But thats when my bite turned off. Another pass in front of the dam and she got into a 12 1/2" again on the needledish. Now the only thing left to do was get the skunk off her other pole. Second trip out with it and hadnt been to lucky. Digging into to bottom of the tackle box I located a fire tiger Rapala and figured it couldnt hurt. We tosses the lines in and trolled back to the ramp. Less than 100yrds from calling it a nite and her pole finally dips and the fish sticks long enough to get in the boat. All but one in the 8-9in range. But theyre fish!

When we arrived yesturday things got off to a hoorible start when on my first cast my new, only used once last weekend, Micro Graphite rod snapped. 1/4oz weight and a ball of pB. Luckily got better today

02-04-2012, 06:39 PM
RNP,try the east bank from the dam to the inlet arm.watch out cus the depth varies a whole lot..try an stay about 100 + feet from the shore an zigzag..Don

02-05-2012, 02:03 PM
Thanks Smogguy. I didnt have service to get that suggestion but if you see my post from today you'll see we did it on a whim


scnt junky
02-05-2012, 08:04 PM
RNP try grubs from 6-12 feet down,100-125' behind boat, from the docks where the net pens are to the east side by going down the beach area to th dam and turn up the east. PM me if you want specifics on grubs and etc.