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02-05-2012, 02:22 PM
Wrapping up our weekend on the lake we launched at 0700, only 3rd boat on the water. We started out trolling at the dam with the same setups that worked saturday afternoon for us. To recap, I had a rainbow trout pattern Yozuri, she had a tigerfire pattern needlefish with a nightcrawler on one and a firetiger rapala on the other. We made two passes in front of the dam for nothing before the sun had even made it over the hill. Decided to try our luck on the opposite side of the lake from the beach. As we made our way past the anchored boat docks she decides she wants the rapala off and to try something thats "going to work". Having tried almost everything yesturday I suggested an old standby, the kastmaster. She picked out the tigerfire pattern and who am I to argue. As she lets it out I bring mine in to put on a brown trout pattern rapala. Just as she locks her rod in the rod holder, and I get mine out of the water, FISH ON!! and yes, its on the kastmaster. I quikly switch mine over to a rainbow color kastmaster while she brings in the first of the day. As soon as her fish is unbuttoned, BAM down ghoes my rod. She reels in the needlefish, and removes the crawler and within a couple minutes hooks up on that rod. 20 minutes on that shoreline and 3 fish to the boat. We made several more passes through that area for 5 more fish before 10am.

Todays fish were slightly larger, all around the 12in range. Aside from changing to the kastmasters and lossing the nightcrawler on the needlefish, I sped up the troll one speed on the minn kota to give the lures a bit more action.

Was a great wekend of relaxing and "catching" fish. Never did see any fish with "size" come out and everyone we saw on the water said all smallies.

PS Smogguy, I didnt see your suggestion until I got home, but we must have been on the same page because it paid off. We didnt however go all the way to the "inlet" arm as we cut it short just before the shallows of the peninsula/island. Tried one pass in closer to shore for nothing, but once we moved out to about 75ft off shore we hooked into them.


02-05-2012, 02:54 PM
Congrats RNP sounds like you an yor GF had a good time.Sounds odd that the trophy plant fish turned out so small,usually they will run at least 3 to 5 lbs.
I tried to send that info when I saw your post an you were still on line,slammed it out an still missed ya,I'll pm ya some info on Collins later.
Thanks for the update an detailed post...........Don