View Full Version : A very good ancient Asian steam Fish recipe

02-10-2012, 08:24 PM
In my culture, this recipe has been pass on from generations to generations, Im glad that this recipe is still here because I enjoy it very much and want you true fisherman's on this board to enjoy your catch as well.

Wel, I don't have a fish here to cook and take pictures for you guys to see, but I will tell you what you need and how its done. This is one of my favorite fish recipe because it taste good with just about any fish you use, but I have to say Striper is my favorite!!

First you'll need a fish, any fish will do whatever you prefer. Gut the fish and take the scales off if any, leave the head on, it will give the good rich flavor of a true fish, if you like the organ taste just snip the stomach out and leave all the other organs in, it gives a little bitter taste which is superb imo, I know you think "yuck" but wait till you try it lol.

Next you need to gather all the followings, some stores might not have it but you can use substitutes if you cant find them.

Here we go with the list;

-2-3 fresh Green onions chop in pieces
-fresh wild cilantro /sub reg. cilantro chop in pieces
-2-3 piece of fresh garlic chop in pieces
-3-4 Asian lemon leaves/ sub reg. lemon leaves
-2-3 fresh Thai chili pepper chop in small pieces
-Wild ginger "Galanga" a few slices
-a few Sweet basil leaves "optional"
-season with a good amount of sea salt or regular Iodine salt about 1/2 to 1 table spoon depending on how big your catch is, this will bring out the favors, I have found that with less salt the flavors not really there.
-1 to 2 table spoon of Fish sauce, I prefer the 3 crab brand, has a nice sweet taste to it blends really nice into the fish.
- MSG if you want to enhance the flavors, I prefer not to use it, but it's optional

Okay, with all the veggies chopped and ready, you mix them up and stuff a good portion into the belly of your fish and put the remainders on top of the fish, now grab some aluminum foil and lay your fish on top, add 1 to 2 table spoon of water and cover up the fish.
Now put it on the grill or on a stove with the fire setting on low and wait for about 30-45 mins, you'll start to smell the good rich flavor from all the good stuff you put in the fish once it's getting near cook. Check on the fish after 30-45 mins and when you see that all the veggies are soft and the color looks like it's dying out, grab your sticky rice, smash potatoes ect. and Coors light or whatever your drinking because your meal is ready, Enjoy!! :biggrin: