View Full Version : San Pablo Res 2-20-12

02-21-2012, 12:53 PM
Fished San Pablo with my friend Kim on Sunday, we were the 3rd car in line. When the gate opened, there were plenty of cars lined up behind us. We got there pretty early and fished by the marina, most anglers rented boats and was pretty surprised why there weren't that many anglers heading by the shore. Anyways, 7:30 rolls arround and no bite, even with anglers around us, nothing. There were fish activities on the water but they weren't biting. 8:30 rolls arround and still nothing, we changed baits/leaders, throw distance and still no takers. Around 9is someone finally pulls one in which looked like a dfg. Kim had his first bite by 9 and it was a dfg, my first bite finally came around 10ish. I didn't see the bite but Kim did so I grabbed my rod & eyed the bobber. It slow went up so I set the hook, it was also a dfg. The bite died so we moved towards the pines and fished til 2 with no other bites. We left the day with only 1 fish each but atleast we didn't get skunked. We expected more but it wasn't our day, the water was really murky. I heard that the boaters were doing well out there that day. Still had an awesome day out there, sure beats being at work.