View Full Version : Perch-a-licious at Oyster Pt.

03-13-2007, 09:39 AM
Got out to Oyster Pt. for some perch fishing this past Sunday and it was nothing less than a quality day of fishing. Well, I shouldn't say "day"...we limited out in about 2 hours and had the rest of the day to kick back 8-). We got the opportunity to meet John, the new store/bait shop owner at the marina, and talk with him for a while. He was a class act...da kine. Full of Aloha :) Pile worms were the ticket as usual. These perch were hitting fast & furious...loads of fun. It was a beautiful day on the water...smooth as glass and just as clear. The rest of the pier wasn't doing so well. Before we left someone caught a 24" leopard and one smelt, but that was about it. Tight lines!

03-13-2007, 08:47 PM
great report......did you try fishing the beach near the freeway
that spot has been hot in the past.... another spot up there is
fishing near the boats in harbor next to the pillings and docks.
I'm sure by now theres signs saying no fishing...

thread highjack....
I have never seen any post about fishing the dock/pillings from
san leanadro to the richmond area in all those boat yards and
sloughs up there...I remember once 4yrs ago catch some of
the hugest perch ever in a marina just off the freeway in the
richmond area working some old docks that were vacant there..
every cast was a fish, a day to remember...anyway just though
and another one is the shipyard at hunters pt on the old docks
there, but I'm not sure if there letting gen public in yet. but there
is public business's in there, so thats another untapped one too.
I just thought I would throw that out there to see if any one else
fishes the old vacent docks and pillings around the bay.
again great post, a glad you got into them.....Aloha and Mahalo