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03-08-2007, 11:35 AM
Finally hit a good day for surf perch over in the Monterey Bay area. Fished all day Tuesday and half a day Wednesday. Caught our limits, although Wednesday was slow on the incoming tide. The place to be was Manresa State Beach. Tried over at Marina SB, but didn't even get a bite, even with bloodworms. We never do any good there for some reason. (Got some live bloodworms at that liquor store in Moss Landing, which is hit-or-miss, as they only get shipments once a week there!)

I was catching just as many perch with Berkley Gulp! bloodworms (the little skinny size in a natural color) as I was with real bloodworms, and I found that the fish hardly ever manage to steal the fake bloodworms. They stole the real ones quite often and those suckers cost $7 a container. I hooked each fake one 3 times, and left a piece to "trail" off the hook.

Most of the perch were kinda small, but we hauled in several nice ones, and deep_sixx had one so big he had to reset the drag on his reel to beach it.

We were amazed at all the surfers at Manresa, and come to find out, it was spring break for some schools. Not all the surfers were students though. For the most part, they got along quite well with the shore fishermen, but there was at least one incident during which a state park ranger had to intervene, as the encounter was about to come to blows.

It did seem odd sometimes, though, when we were the only fishermen on the whole beach, and the waves were the same everywhere, but a group of about a dozen surfers decided the best place to catch a wave was directly in front of us! :o

I can see that happening if the waves were exceptionally good right at that spot, but at the time, they were just the same as everywhere else. Maybe they thought we would get discouraged and leave, but really, why would we do that? We weren't the ones putting ourselves at risk of getting snagged in a fish hook! And if the fishermen are there first, I don't see how somebody who chooses to surf right in front of them can get mad if they happen to get snagged.

One time over in Pacific Grove, on the rocks at Lover's Point, a bunch of surfers tried to get us to leave by "informing" us that it was "illegal" to fish there. It was almost funny how truly considerate they sounded as they told us this. We knew the regs, however, and I said, "Well thanks, but somebody should tell the game warden I just talked to, because she said, 'have a good time!'"

We weren't even in their way, unless they planned to surf straight into the rocks we were sitting on. I guess there must be some long-standing animosity between surfers and fishermen? That is too bad and it is totally unnecessary, as there is plenty of room for both fishermen and surfers. I must be really dense, as I just thought it is just as easy to smile and say, "Hi, how's it going?" as it is to scowl and yell, "F--- you!" :D

Oh yeah, another weird thing -- what's with all the people walking along shore who stroll in FRONT of the fishing poles, snarling the lines? This kept happening over and over, even though we were fishing very close to the water. Is this something done by anti-fishing animal rights people or are some strollers just slow to figure out that you walk BEHIND a fishing rod? :-?

03-09-2007, 09:41 AM
Thats a great report, T-dub!
Thanks for the detailed info.

I totally know what you mean about the 7-dollar-per-container bloodworms! But thats the only place to get em around here. I actually prefer the pileworms but they fall off the hook even easier than the bloodworms.
And Marina beach is a tough beach to fish. But when the fish are there, it can be epic. Like any other beach around here.

I also know what you mean about the kids that surf Lovers. Those spoiled brats are pretty annoying sometimes. I know this from surfing there AND fishing there. Truth is, if there are a bunch of guys there, I will move to another fishin spot. There are so many better spots further down Ocean View Blvd anyways. I only fish the surfbreak side of Lovers if the wind is howling.


03-09-2007, 09:44 AM
as for the stuipd surffers i must say i do surf at those locationas and hell i also fish at those locations, Yet there are surffers who are complet idiots, and i'm sorry that you had to deal with them, they want that specific wave at that part of the bach and don't give a F*** about any one esle. Even Between locals in SC i can remeber getting into fight with local (at the time i was a local too) about surfing at 26ave any way i say screw it just fish cause when those same guys surffing are fishing thier also idiots too.

For the walkers um i can't realy say if it is a protest i just say shoot em but that probibly isn't PC so maybe just ask them i've fund that most people walking the baches in that area are quite nice and the may be afraid of us so if we take the uper hand and just say hey nice day out, do you think next time you could walk behind my fishing poele. and say it in a nice tone they probibly will now if thier an idiot protester all best are off and i declar open hunting season.

03-09-2007, 10:51 AM
Well, surfing looks like fun, and I might even be out there trying it, if not for one minor detail: I swim about as good as a lead weight! I have no qualms about going out for miles on a boat, or standing in the foam along shore, but I don't think I will willingly dunk myself into the sea!

Most of the people I encountered on the beach were very friendly and polite. There were a few "animal-rights" people (I assume) that would only scowl at me when I said "hi" to them. Many people think it's cruel to fish. I bet they even cringe to bite into a radish!

Along those lines, there was a girl who came into a Chinese restaurant in Marina where we were eating dinner. I could hear her asking the waitress questions. It went like this:

Girl: "What is this grilled tofu? Is there meat in it?"

Waitress: "No, it's completely meat free."

Girl: "Well, what about this vegetable stir fry? Is there meat in THAT?"

Waitress: "No, it's just vegetables ... stir-fried!"

Girl: "I think I'll try this grilled tofu, as long as you're sure there isn't any meat in it."

Her tone and demeanor were very snippety, and what vegan or strict vegetarian doesn't already know that tofu is meatless?. I am normally pretty mellow, but I started fantasizing about tying her up and sticking the business end of one of those old-fashioned cast iron meat grinders into her mouth and cranking away at half a market hog!

(Don't worry -- it was just a fantasy ... people are pretty safe around me, so far!)


03-09-2007, 11:02 AM
Thanks for the report TW. Sounds like you had a great couple of days at the beach. What was your biggest perch?

Surfers can be very territorial. Some of them remind me of male gorillas running around beating their chests and starting $hit with anybody who happens to be in their way. I also happen to be a surfer but rarely surf the spots I fish. All I can say is don't let them chase you away. You have just as much of a right to be there as they do.

As for the walkers I think they are just clueless. Just so wrapped up in walking/ running/looking at the beautiful surroundings that they just don't pay attention to what they are doing or where they are going.

03-09-2007, 11:40 AM
We didn't have the tape measure available when the "big one" was landed, and then when we cleaned the catch, the heads were cut off, but just by an estimation, I'd hafta say it was at least 14", probably better. Too bad we missed the perch derby..... :( We were too lazy to tote the camera bag down to the fishing spot.

Regarding the clueless beach walkers, if I had been a spider and the lines from my two rods had been webs, I would be eating pretty good! But those surf perch and sand dabs (dabs caught on the boat) grilled up real nice last night.

03-09-2007, 02:48 PM
Surfers can be very territorial. Some of them remind me of male gorillas running around beating their chests and starting $hit with anybody who happens to be in their way.

That is a great description of local surffers. TW as for the vegans that like don't like know like about like tofu........What i do is simply had them a loaded gun and say when you put the barel in your mouth and pull the triger the best tasting vegtable go right into your mouth they taste so good. This usualt works considering the magority of them have no clue what a gun is or what they do. ;D ;D

My friends say i'm harmless what do they know 8-)

03-09-2007, 08:26 PM
I was fishing the surf today. On a long beach and another surf fisherman came along. We were fishing the far left of a big beach with about 20' between us. This surfer comes running all the way down the beach and drops his board right between us. Gos all the way back to his car and comes running back and launches between us. I was thinking what an idiot. All this beach and he decides this is the best spot to start. :-/ I just casted off in the other direction for a bit. when the surfer got out far the other fisherman casted way out there and landed his lure about 2' from the side of him.....he then looked over and smiled.. ;D I thought it was funny.