View Full Version : Any SD party boat go out for Yellowtail?

02-21-2007, 07:47 AM
Yellowtail is my favorite fish but unfortunately does not exist around northern CA. I may finally take a trip south just for these fish.

I googled SD party boats but none advertise a "yellowtail trip", while some other fishes are listed (albacore, tuna, etc.). Does anyone know if there are boats that go out specifically targeting yellowtail?

02-21-2007, 05:35 PM
When I was in SD the day boats fished for YellowTail while the day and a half and longer trips targeted albacore and larger tuna but they also catch a lot of yellowtail on those trips.There are boats that leave from ventura and Oxnard that target Yellowtail on live bait out at the Santa Barbarbra Islands

02-21-2007, 06:15 PM
Like Fishbutt mentioned the shorter trips will target Yellowtail but you will have to ask them and confirm when you make your reservation. On the longer trips ( one day or more) they will stop at kelp paddy's and will catch Yellowtail and Dorados as well as tuna. Here are some of the most popular landings out of San Diego.






02-21-2007, 07:46 PM
Greetings Bluestar,
I used to live in San Diego (grew up there), and when i go home I fish the party boats pretty regularly.

There are no reall Yellowtail specific trips per say. The 1/2 day boats target local kelp beds and rock fish spots for calico bass, sand bass, rock fish, white fish, bonito, barracuda, and of course yellowtails. Overall yellowtail would be a "prized fish" on these trips, and there is always a chance they might show up. Most of the time though I wouldn't back on it, maybe 1 or 2 for the boat if you are lucky.

3/4 day boats target the Coronado islands for similar stuff, but yellowtail action is usually a lot better. Like any other type of fishing it can be hit or miss if they are biting that day. Depending on your budget these are usually a good bet: 6am-6pm, varitey, possible yellowtail action.

The 1d-3d boats generally chase alabcore when they show up, or they go to baja for rockfish, lingcod, and pretty decent yellowtail action. By about mid june/july they usually focus on albies, but its not unusual for them to make stops on drifting kelp paddies to see if anyone is home.

5d trips and above will target everything: yellowfin, albies, yellowtail, bluefin, whatever wants to bites (except they stay away from bottomfishing unless they limit out on tunas).

So it just depends on your budget. I know in late March they run what they call "freezer specials" These are usually 2-3d trips in mexican waters for bottom fish, yellowtail, bonito, and barracuda. The counts are generally pretty good for yellowtail on these trips.

Check out www.allcooastsportfishing.com. A couple of charter masters have already posted their trips for March since they have some openings. I think it may be under either the Long Range, General Discussion, or Charter Board. If not you can ask guys on any of these boards what they recommend.

Now, if you are budget oriented, and want a good chance at yellowtails or white sea bass I recommend 3/4d trips out of Long Beach to Catalina. They tend to do better than San Diego. The local fishing in San Diego has a lot of fishing and low numbers as a result. You can find info. on the landings under the Party Boat board on the website above.

If you decide to go give me a call or email and I can give you more info. on gear, techniques, etc. to make your trip more successful.



02-25-2007, 10:32 PM
check out 976tuna.com ALL the info you will ever need

02-25-2007, 10:39 PM
Departure Return Days Cost* Pass Scheduled Event Availability
as of 1/31/07
>> 2007 Schedule <<
March 2 Fri 3pm March 5 Mon 8am 3 $495 30 Baja Freezer Special - Open 10
March 16 Fri 3pm March 19 Mon 8am 3 $495 30 Baja Freezer Special - Open 18
March 23 Fri 3pm March 26 Mon 8am 3 $495 30 Baja Dreamer Special - Open 25
March 30 Fri 3pm April 2 Mon 8am 3 $495 30 Wahoodad Baja Freezer special 21
April 7 Sat 9am April 15 Sun 9am 8 $1,595 25 Open 18
April 20 Fri 3pm April 23 Mon 9am 3 $450 30 San Clemente Island - Open 20
April 27 Fri 3pm April 30 Mon 9am 3 $495 30 Baja Freezer Special - Open Full
May 5 Sat 9am May 13 Sun 8am 8 $1,595 25 Open 23
May 19 Sat 9am May 24 Thu 8am 5 $995 28 Open 24
May 25 Fri 3pm May 28 Mon 8am 3 $550 30 Open 8
June 1 Fri 9am June 9 Sat 8am 8 $1,695 25 Baja Dreamer - Open 2
June 9 Sat 1pm June 17 Sun 8am 8 $1,695 25 Yo's Tackle - Open 8
June 17 Sun 1pm June 22 Fri 8am 5 $1,275 28 Open 23
June 22 Fri 1pm June 27 Wed 8am 5 Charter Flash Fishing - Charter
June 27 Wed 1pm July 2 Mon 8am 5 $1,395 28 Catchy Tackle - Open 20
July 2 Mon 1pm July 7 Sat 8am 5 Charter Willie's Charter
July 7 Sat 1pm July 10 Tue 8am 3 $895 28 Open Full
July 19 Thu 1pm July 24 Tue 8am 5 $1,470 28 Baja Dreamer - Open 15
July 24 Tue 1pm July 29 Sun 8am 5 $1,750 23 Wahoodad's - Open Full
July 29 Sun 1pm Aug 4 Sat 8am 6 Charter Nor-Cal Tuna Chasers
Aug 4 Sat 1pm Aug 9 Thu 8am 5 Charter 26 HSU Lumberjacks
Aug 9 Thu 1pm Aug 11 Sat 8am 1 1/2 $400 30 Open Full
Aug 11 Sat 1pm Aug 16 Thu 8am 5 Charter Will Fish Tackle - Charter Full
Aug 16 Thu 1pm Aug 21 Tue 8am 5 $1,750 23 Seeker Rods - Open 2
Aug 21 Tue 1pm Aug 26 Sun 8am 5 $1,470 28 Izorline - Open 4
Aug 26 Sun 1pm Aug 30 Thu 8am 4 Charter Larry Fancher - Charter
Aug 30 Thu 1pm Sept 4 Tue 8am 5 $1,470 28 Braid - Open 18
Sept 4 Tue 1pm Sept 8 Sat 8am 4 $1,160 28 Yo's - Open 27
Sept 8 Sat 1pm Sept 13 Thu 8am 5 $1,470 28 Baja Dreamer - Open 18
Sept 13 Thu 1pm Sept 18 Tue 8am 5 $1,470 28 Western Sport Shop - Open 26
Sept 18 Tue 1pm Sept 22 Sat 8am 4 $1,160 28 Open 25
Oct 2 Tue 1pm Oct 12 Fri 8am 10 $2,450 24 Hi's Tackle Box - Open 5
Oct 12 Fri 1pm Oct 22 Mon 8am 10 2,675 22 Rod Rack - Open 7
Oct 22 Mon 1pm Nov 1 Thu 8am 10 2,675 22 Bob Sands Tackle - Open 14
Nov 1 Thu 1pm Nov 11 Sun 8am 10 $2,675 22 Neil Becker - Open Full
Nov 11 Sun 1pm Nov 21 Wed 8am 10 $2,675 22 Wahoodad's - Open 13
Nov 23 Fri 8am Dec 6 Thu 8am 13 $2,925 24 Seeker Rods - Open 19
Dec 6 Thu 1pm Dec 19 Wed 8am 13 $2,925 24 Will Fish - Open Full
Dec 26 Wed 8am Jan 5 Sat 8am 10 $2,210 24 New Year's Special - Open 23
>> 2008 Schedule <<
Jan 5 Sat 1pm Jan 19 Sat 8am 14 $3,065 24 Bob Sands Tackle - Open 22
Jan 20 Sun 8am Feb 3 Sun 8am 14 $3,065 24 Wahoodad - Open 24


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