View Full Version : Bodega Bay/Tomales Point 4-22

04-23-2012, 12:29 PM
Headed out of Bodega yesterday. Fished around the head for a while with no action. Motored south off Tomales Point and found about 70 boats there along with some promising looking water. Nice and brown and a little warmer than at the head.

We had a slow day but we did see quite a few fish caught and there was a lot of radio chatter. We ended up with two fish about 8 lbs a piece and a shaker. Fish seemed to be scattered and at no particular depth and no particular pattern. We saw plenty of other fish caught but it was by no means red hot. We caught one keeper at 80' deep, another at 20', and the shaker at 85'. All our fish came on rotary killers with herring, 1 keeper and shaker with silver 2 eyed dog flashers, the other keeper with no flashers but other boats reported catching fish on a variety of baits/lures and at all different depths. Everyone including ourselves fished in around 30 fathoms from Tomales Point down to Elephant Rock.
No bait in the area to speak of.