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05-08-2012, 12:55 PM
khanh tran aboard the connie t - 5/8/12 (49 and 53, 60 feet on the wire, hoochie and flasher, 10 fish by 8:30am)
ben is a guy that i work with at the hospital hotline. he's been wanting to learn about salmon fishing, so i've been getting him set up with gear. yesterday we we both at the office and he said, "hey, what are you doing tomorrow?"
"sleeping," was the answer.
"no, seriously, what are you doing tomorrow?"
"seriously, sleeping. i work until 1am, i get home at 2am, the kids wake me up at 6:30am and i drag through the rest of the day."
"we're going fishing."
"have fun....".
"there are three of us going on the 'connie t'."
"oh, yeah, that's khanh's boat, and it holds four. who's your fourth?"
"you are!"
"crud ......".
so i called my wife and got permission to go fishing (married guys understand) and braced for a long day. i got off work at 1, got home at 2, got everything together by 3, slept until 4, and was on the road at 4:30. it was a little bumpy going out. we fished outside the fleet in the general area of 49 and 53. meet dr. benjamin tsutaoka.
his friends dean and ted.
and khanh tran, skipper of the charter boat "connie t."
10 salmon in 2 hours. i guess i would call that wide open!
khanh has definitely mastered his craft. most of the fish came in on his favorite blue dancer rig.
this is what our morning arsenal looked like.
the report would not be complete without a few trophy shots.
khanh, thanks for a great trip! check out North CAl Sport Fishing (http://www.northcalsportfishing.com/connie.html)