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Captain Compassion
05-28-2012, 06:43 PM
I usually hide during long holiday weekends. Staying at home while the rivers and lakes fill with tourists. Untalan1 gave me a call Friday saying he might be in town and wanted to fish on Sunday and Monday. Can't say no to Efren.

Sunday 05/27/12 - Picked up Efren at 0645 and headed south on 395. After a construction delay at Topaz we made our first stop at the Little Walker River. We saw the fish but couldn't interest them in anything we had. The day was beautiful. I talked it over with Efren and we decided to take a road trip to some places where Efren had never been. In Bridgeport Efren got a one day Nevada at Ken's and we headed east down the East Walker River. Our first stop was at the Rosaschi Ranch. The fish weren't cooperating much here but Efren managed one. We next continued on to the Elbow region. There were a few folks camped here mostly playing with OHV's. We fished here with no love. Back to Nevada Hwy 338 and north over Sweetwater Summit to Wellington, NV. where we entered Hoyle Canyon to fish on the W. Walker. We fished here for an hour and managed 4 trout on Panther Martins. The trout were small but beautiful. We then drove the 32 miles back to Gardnerville.

Sunday Pictures
20 Minute Delay

A few Casts on the Little Walker



BP Res.

East Walker Nevada

Working the Water

The Elbow

Nice Run

Lunch Break

W. Walker @ Hoyle Canyon

Bow for Efren

My Monster

Captain Compassion
05-28-2012, 06:45 PM
Monday 05/28/12 - Efren and decided to make an easy fishing day so we loaded into his truck along with Bruno and headed to ICR for a little shore fishing. We fish below the walk in campground and managed 3 pretty bows on green Gulp. The fishing has slowed some at ICR and the weeds are starting to grow but there are still nice trout to be had. Efren it was nice fishing with you. The weather was bad Friday and Saturday but sure was nice the rest of the long weekend.


Monday Pictures
Heading Down

Fish On for Efren

A Bow

One for Me

Waiting for Opportunity

Pretty Bow

05-28-2012, 06:52 PM
Still fun, small fish or not! You covered a lot of water, that's for sure! Some of my favorite days of trout fishing involved fishing a bunch of different waters. If I liked a location and fishing was really good, I stuck with it, otherwise if fair to poor, I kept moving. Hwy 395 near Bridgeport lends itself to this style of fishing, countless waters to fish within an hours drive or walk from town. I enjoy Swauger creek, Robinson creek, Green creek, twin lakes, BP reservoir, lots more!

05-28-2012, 06:55 PM
Great report and pics. I need to get to the Walker sooner than later. Hell, I just have to head over Hwy 108.

Thanks CC!