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06-13-2012, 09:48 AM
Well we will be heading out to jackson medows res. tomarrow in either the late morning or the early afternoon. Our main targets will be rainbows and browns but id like to catch some brooks since i havent caught one of those yet. If anyone has some tips for the brookies then please fill free to share. I will report when i get back. Depending on how tired i am i will either post on monday night or late tuesday morning. If anyone is up there feel free to stop by we will be at the woodward campground site#9

Almost forgot we might hit bowman for a day to get some nice fat kokes for the smoker. If we do ill put it up on the kokanee board under bowman kokes.

Tight Lines,

06-20-2012, 04:06 PM
Sorry for such a late report we got busy I just got the fish out of the ice chest and into the fridge.

Thursday 6-14
So we left the east bay around 11:30am. We stoped for gas and fast food before we got on the freeway. Made it to the campgrounds around 5:00pm. We setup camp, collected wood, lit a fire, and hung out. We didn't manage to get out there and fish tonight, but we will tomorrow.

Friday 6-15
We launched the boat at about 7:45am with lines in the water by 8:00am we started to troll towards the dam; going about 2.5mph we drooped the trolling plate down and our speed dropped down to 1.2mph. I took the wheel and noticed my f-5 rainbow trout rapala wasn't swimming right. So I sped us up to 2.0mph and not even 1 minute after I sped up I hook up. After a nice 2 minute fight and we net her at 8:10am. She is a nice 16 inch rainbow trout with some of the deepest colors I have ever seen. We troll all of the way to the dam and then started to head twords Jackson point. About halfway there we hook up on a 1/8oz gold and red kastmaster. After another good 2 minute fight and we net and land it at 9:01am. I truthfully don't know what it is. I think it might be a silver or king salmon. It wasn't a kokanee that I can tell you for sure. At 10:30am we decided to go into camp for breakfast. We hung out at camp for a couple of hours then we decided to four wheel to bowman we went to the launch by the dam and fished for an hour or so only catching an eight inch kokanee from shore on a 1/8oz gold and red kastmaster. Is it just me or is this this the first time most people have heard of this happening. After that we went back to camp hung out for an hour and went trolling again for the evening we only had one strike. Then we came back cooked the fish and some steak and god was it good.

Saturday 6-16
We launched the boat at about 7:15am with lines in the water by 7:25am. We started to troll towards the dam again. We dropped down the trolling plate and started going about 1.5mph. At about 7:45am I hook up with a nice 14" rainbow using a chrome/pink sling blade and a motor oil grub about 18" back. We reset the lines and at 8:00am my dads rod gets popped off of the down rigger (25') he lands a nice 12" rainbow on a chrome/green sling blade with a pink hoochie. We fished until 10:30am when we went in and had breakfast. Then we four wheeled up to meadow lake tried to fish near the campgrounds near the inlet. We didn't catch anything so we decided to move over to the dam where we thought it would be deeper. Once we got there my dad remembered being there 10 years ago and didn't catch anything, so he was skeptical at best when we started to fish. I hooked up first after a half of an hour of casting my chrome and green 1/4 kastmaster and only getting one hit. After a good three minute fight we shore landed (forgot net and tackle in boat at camp) the beautiful 14.5" cutthroat trout (my first ever). About 10 minutes later my bobber and worm setup gets slammed. I picked up the rod and set the hook for a big fat nothing the fish was gone he ended up taking my worm. So after rebaiting I cast out to the same spot. After that I set it back down this time right next to me. I then start casting with my kastmaster about 5 minutes later my bobber rod gets a small hit. So I have my sister stand near me just in case I need to hand off my kastmaster rod. Then 1 minute after the bite my rod gets slammed again. I drop my rod with the kastmaster on it and set the hook and this time it is fish on. I fight the fish for about 4 or 5 minutes and finally land him a really nice fat 15.75" cutthroat. Unfortunately my sister didn't get to the kastmaster fast enough so it got snagged. We tried everything to undo it but it was not meant to be. May that kastmaster rest in peace. :D After about 20 minutes my dad hooked up with a really nice cutthroat. He was foul hooked so it took like 7 minutes to bring in. My sister had to get in the water and use a pair of my pajama pants to land the fish. It was an amazing 18" male in his spawning colors. One hell of a first cutthroat if i do say so myself. It was caught on a 1/8oz gold/red kastmaster. About an hour later my dad hooks up and lands a nice 15.5" cutthroat using the same lure. About an hour later of constant fishing we decided to make the hour long trip back to camp. We made a really nice dinner a pot of mac and cheese and a pork loin on the fire and god was it good.

Sunday 6-17
Happy Fathers Day To All Of The Wonderful Dads Out There Exspecially My Dad John (t s dad) And My Step Dad Joe One Of My Best Friends And The Best Father Figure Besides My Dad I Have And Will Ever Have.

So we didn't end up going out for our morning troll. My neck was burned so bad that I couldn't even put a shirt on till noon. So a morning troll was definatly out of the question. After that whole debockle was taken care of we headed to Milton. We couldn't find a place to get my chair to the water so we didn't stay there. Then we decided to go to independence lake. There where white caps on the lake when we got there, but we decided to rent a few kayaks anyways. There were no fee for rentals there so it was pretty cool. After a nice picnic I decided I wanted to go out there but my dad was a little worried so we discussed it until we came to a compromise. No fishing from the kayak unless the wind slows down. And if he decides I am being unsafe or if he thinks I'm not handling the rough water well enough then I am to come in. I launched and cruised around for an hour before the wind calmed enough for the white caps to go away. I threw some casts for about 30 minutes before the wind came back with a vengance. I had to reel up fast and take quick action because of the waves coming at me. After I got that under controll I stayed out and tried to battle the wind and waves for a half an hour before giving up and heading in. Then we decided to head back to jackson medows res. On our way back we went to lake of the woods. We didnt fish we just looked around. Has anyone ever fished here and if so have you cought anything. All in all a fun after noon. After we got back we hooked up the boat and launched at Jackson Meadows at around 5:15 we had our lines in the water by 5:30 we didn't get any bites and we were out by 7.

Monday 6-18
We didn't fish today we just packed and were out by 9:30. We ate a wonderful lunch at my favorite resturant out that way; Tj's roadhouse cafe in Colfax. Their beef dip sandwich and hot pastrami were wonderful. Not to mention their homemade potato chips and their wonder
ful thick and juicy battered onion rings.


06-20-2012, 04:28 PM
Great Post Nick,sounds like you guys had a great time(Gals Too!)you gave a lot of info on many lakes in the area an that will help an inspire a lot of people wanting to go up there,way to go an congrats on a great trip....Don

06-20-2012, 09:25 PM
:areportmq5: Sounds like a great trip, cant wait to see those pics! Some of my favorite trips are when I travel from lake to lake and take in all the scenery.

06-21-2012, 03:08 PM
Great Post Nick,sounds like you guys had a great time(Gals Too!)you gave a lot of info on many lakes in the area an that will help an inspire a lot of people wanting to go up there,way to go an congrats on a great trip....Don

Sounds like a great trip, cant wait to see those pics! Some of my favorite trips are when I travel from lake to lake and take in all the scenery.

Smogguy: Thanks. Ya we all had a blast. I try to put as much info in my reports as possible. And I hope people will go up to these places and have fun like I did. I also hope they will respect these places and their inhabitants and treat them with care as I try to as well. I'm not syaing only C&R but don't keep more than you need for example we only caught 8 fish and we kept all of them because we ate all but three while we were there the others we brought home to eat and cook different ways than just over an open flame (one or my favorite methods).

Insearchoffish: It really was. I have been doing all of my posts off of my phone and I wasn't able to put the pictures up off of my phone so I won't be able to put them up till tomarrow sorry all. I agree those are my favorites as well.

Tight Lines,

06-21-2012, 10:38 PM
Wow, now thats a report! Thanks for posting and making me jelous! Ha! Congrats on all the fish and succesful camp trip!

Montana de Oro
06-25-2012, 01:41 PM
Dear Nick,

It was nice meeting your family. You must feel blessed to go fishing with your Dad. I just wanted to thank your Dad for sharing his knowledge about the roads. I still miss fishing with my Dad(33 years).

Thank-You Great Spirit,


p.s. caught this beauty with my pig dog Red
on Monday(black&white apex).