View Full Version : Lake Almanor Trout and Salmon Derby July 7th

Fisheries Advocate
06-14-2012, 07:54 AM
Kokanee Power is having the First Annual Lake Almanor Trout and Salmon Derby in partnership with Almanor Fishing Association. The derby pays down to 15th place and we know you prefer that kind of odds. This derby will help support the Almanor Fishing Association Pen Project where 50,000 Eagle Lake Trout are raised to enhance the fishery. To sign up for the derby go to below website or call Gary Coe at 916-985-4943.

Kokanee Power (http://www.kokaneepower.org/derbies.php)

The event will be held at the Hamilton Branch Fishing Access that was developed by Almanor Fishing Association. The BBQ will be hosted by Almanor Fishing Association...

A new lake, a great location, and a derby that you will want to fish annually...

Thanks Nelsen -Inland Fisheries Advocate