View Full Version : Natoma 6/21 no trout but lessons learned

06-21-2012, 10:36 PM
So the g/f sent a text this afternoon that said "be off at 5, lets go fishing". Who am I to argue, but that late in evening combined with the fact the bite has been dead everywhere local made it a chore to decide where to go. The deciding factor was time and what location would give us the most time on the water, so Natoma it is. We decided to give the Willow Creek Rec area off Folsom blvd a try since we've had very little luck elsewhere on that darn lake.

Lines in the water by 615. She had a crawler/PB combo on one and a crawler under a bobber on the other. I started out throwing a Mepps spinner/minnow that I recently picked up in a tacklebox at a garage sale. Within 5 minutes I get lit up throwing along the shoreline. Fish right away heads to the weeds and I'm thinking I'm gonna lose it on this small rod and lite line. Thankfully I was able to force it towards a small opening and land a feisty 9in bass. First fish and early enough to give hope.

Spent the rest of the evening throwing every color Kastmaster in the box, a couple Roostertails, couple rapals, etc, and even finally tied on a whoolie and bobber with no love. G/f tried several different pb colors with crawler with no luck as well. As the sun was setting over the lake about 815 the cove at Willow creek came alive with fish breaking the surface. Even had one really nice size bass swim right into the opening I was fishing and look right up at me as if to say "HAHA dumbass, you left your bass gear at home".

Despite slow/no trout was a good evening. Learned a couple lessons; 1) pack more variety of gear, 2) Willow Creek is a nicer facility than Negro Bar and only $5, and 3) fishing this lake has now become a personal challenge to master.