View Full Version : Shaver Lake 6/21

06-22-2012, 08:30 AM
Hello everyone. Had a chance to hit Shaver Lake yesterday. GF and I arrived at 11. We thought we would rent a boat for the day and try trolling and exploring Shaver a bit. Traffic on the lake wasn't bad but even on a Thursday, there were a lot of jet skier out there. Anyways, we don't have much experience in trolling but manage to score one using a kastmaster. About 14 inch rainbow. Released it to grow up. GF got some hit when she was drifting a pinched crawler but no taker.

We trolled back and forth in different area with different type of spoon and spinner but no luck. We tried bait fishing for an hour and nothing.

We pass by a few boater and it was the same result. We didn't see much activities on the shore either.

We left at 630 when the rental needed to be in by. We tried fishing shore for the remaining daylight and no hit either :(

oh well, at least it wasn't a skunk day. There is a trout derby this Sat at Shaver so if you want to fish, good luck!! Shaver Lake is now officially a war zone on the weekend with the hot weather down the mountain.

Until next time :)