View Full Version : Santa Cruz Salmon June 23, 2012

06-23-2012, 01:38 PM
One wild 25# King salmon, 1 LDR and 1 HNS. My first Santa Cruz fishing trip. I got on board Gerry Brook’s 6-pack “Doble” with five other persons. Josh was our Mate for the day. We launched at the North Santa Cruz Harbor and went out 6 miles to the Soquel Hole. We trolled at 2.5 mph all day using three lines stacked on each of two downriggers. We trolled two outfits with large dodgers and hoochies, the other four outfits were frozen anchovy in a crippled herring rig. Our offerings were run at 20/40/60’ or 30/50/70’. All hits were at 40-50’. One other 20# hatchery salmon was landed. There were a lot of boats on the Santa Cruz side and it was a slow day. Two fish/boat was best today, 1 next best, no fish common. 6 hours (6:30-12:30). Water 54*, very little debris. Air 52-62*. Sky clear. Wind 3-8 mph. Waves 2-5’, 4-9 second intervals. Sunrise 5:49, 10% moon visible. Gerry runs a beautiful, wide, comfortable boat in excellent condition. He and Josh worked hard to get us fish on a very slow day. In the harbor Josh and Gerry filleted and bagged the fish for me. My wife, Donna, who loves ocean caught salmon, but does not eat fish that have passed under the Golden Gate, was ecstatic to receive, re-bag and freeze most of the fish. She kept three fillets out for tonight’s BBQ. I'll probably go out with Gerry again for White Sea Bass (July/August) and a dungeness crab/rock fish outing (Nov/Dec).