View Full Version : New FishSniffer.com Launch Set For Next Week!!!

07-01-2012, 10:39 AM
The Waiting Is Over, It’s Time To Unveil The New FishSniffer.com!

The Revolution has arrived. The way fishing information is delivered here on the West Coast is about to be changed forever!
FishSniffer.com is one of the largest most influential fishing websites in the United States, but we always strive for more. With this philosophy in mind we took a hard look at our website beginning nearly two years ago. We identified several areas that were in need of improvement.
Our fishing forums generate a great deal of traffic and we get positive comments from our forum users on a regular basis. You know the saying… “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”…We took that time-tested advice to heart in reference to our forums and decided not to change them one bit.
The area that seemed most ripe for improvement was our delivery of in depth fishing information for northern/central California and beyond. Sure in addition to forums, FishSniffer.com has always offered feature articles, maps and things like that. The problem was that much of the information was scattered and hard to access.
In addition, since the Fish Sniffer has been covering the West Coast fishing scene for over 30 years, we have developed tremendous resources for gathering hot information, but due to the limitations of our website we just were not able to get that information out efficiently. What to do?
What we came up with is the West Coast’s most comprehensive online guide to fishing locations, species and techniques bar none. The new site will be going live within a week and you’ll be able to see it all for yourself, but until you see it, let me give you a description of the basics.
When you look at the fishing opportunities in northern and central California, you can logically organize them in a number of different ways, for example by regions, saltwater and freshwater, rivers or lakes, or by species such as trout, bass, panfish, ocean salmon, river salmon…Well, you get the idea.
The new FishSniffer.com will allow you to search for your information in a number of different ways, by locations, regions or species. Our tips and tactics section has a massive archive of how to articles broken down by species.
Destination information is central to what we’ve done. We’ve identified hundreds of fishing locations throughout the state. Some of them are major locations like the Sacramento Delta, Golden Gate, Clear Lake, Lake Shasta etc. Other locations are more obscure, like Union Valley Reservoir, Whiskeytown Reservoir or Lake Calero.
Regardless of a destinations prominence we handle all of them the same way. Each destination has it’s own page. That page has a map of the destination and some have several different maps.
In addition to the map, each destination page features a species guide, up to date fishing reports and a fishing report archive, a feature article section for feature articles written about the destination and a special tips and tactics section with tips and techniques specifically tailored to catching fish at that location. You’ll also find weather information, water level information and details about local services, lodging, guides, resorts and more!
Beyond how to articles, destination information and fishing reports you’ll also find news, videos, conservation information and much more. And keep in mind even though the site is now a “finished product” we will continue to improve it, based on the use patterns and feedback of our users. In other words and good as the site will be on launch day, it will do nothing but get bigger and better as time marches forward!
FishSniffer.com is poised to be THE resource California anglers turn to for fishing reports and information. Be part of the Revolution and check out the all-new FishSniffer.com when it goes live toward the end of next week.
When we flip the switch, we are not anticipating any problems, but with computers being what they are, if you find that the site is down you’ll know that any interruption is due to our transition to a new and improved FishSniffer.com!-Cal Kellogg, owner/editor.