View Full Version : Beardsley Afterbay 6/27

07-01-2012, 02:39 PM
After leaving Pinecrest I was looking forward to fishing the afterbay. I knew there would not be many people down there. Drove down from the Beardsley damn and to my disappointment signs posting no boats allowed. Oh well banking it I go. Found a nice shady spot and instantly saw fish cruzing the shoreline and surfacing to eat bugs. This section is artificial barbless only so I tied on a bubble and woolybugger and went to casting. Got it in good position in front of a couple shore cruizers but no love. They would go up to it then turn away. Put on a smaller fly and gave it a try for awhile Casted out my rig and went to the truck for a snack and when I came back I couldnt see my bobber. Grabbed my pull started reeling and sure enough fish on. Now who said fly fishing was hard, :) Managed to get one more cookie cutter brown with the small black fly before loosing it on a float 10 yrds in front of me. As the sun began to set the fish started rising in the middle and there are some big fish in there!!! I also tried throwing a panther martin with no luck. Talked to a few other anglers who had caught a few small browns as well and also one told me that I should not worry about the no kayak thing as he was launching his kayak. Said he fishes here all the time and so does the local game warden, its an afterbay rule not F&G. But do so at your own risk!!!! Setup camp at Beardsley Flat campground just past the damn. Nice spot if the logging trucks wouldnt have started coming by at 3 am.

07-01-2012, 03:20 PM
Nice looking browns. Great report! Thanks.....