View Full Version : Willow Creek @ Natoma 7/2

07-02-2012, 09:32 PM
Had the truck packed and ready to go when g/f got home from work so we packed the kids in the back and headed out to Willow Creek. On the water before 6pm with 2 rods floating crawlers under bobbers, 2 rods with pb/crawler, and one rod throwing lures. As usual at natoma the action was pretty much non-existant. At about 715 my rod with pb/crawler gets hit and land a small bow in the 8-10in range. Poor fella was gut hooked so onto the stringer. About an hour later g/f's rod with pb/crawler gets slammed. Indicator flies into air, line peels off, she grabs the rod from the holder and nothing but slack. As the sun set there were plenty of boils in the cove. I stated throwing some top water hoping to get lucky, if not at least hit one in the head. But I guess I wasnt throwing heavy or hard enough.
Thats all the action we saw until the ranger shows up at 915 yelling at us that the park closed at 8pm. Oops!!

This was our fourth trip to Natoma this year and only the second fish. Last one was caught trolling. I WILL figure this lake out!


07-02-2012, 10:04 PM
Someone needs to so my guess is that it should be you. Almost had a big one sounds like. Next time. I feel the same way bout my local lake sly park one these days I guess I should spend more time hikingand fishing till I do figure it out instead of sittingand playing with the pups. But they love going and always good either way.