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07-20-2012, 05:57 PM
Headed out with my fishing buddy on Saturday the 14th, looking to fish Independence lake for their famous native Cutthroats. Didn't get to the lake until about 9, had a rough night (alcohol 1, fisherman 0). Independence lake is owned and managed by the Nature Conservancy. No outside boats are allowed, although plenty of float tubes, kayaks, and even motorized aluminum boats (every other week) are available to rent FOR FREE. All of the kayaks are very nice expensive types, they have several long skinny "dagger" type yaks, also some very nice SOT fishing kayaks. The aluminum boats look like they are brand new, with 4 stroke outboards. Check their website for which weeks the aluminums can be rented. Rules are: Barbless artificials only, NO bait allowed :( All cutthroat must be C&R, all other spcies may be kept up to posted limits.
After filling out a bit 'O paperwork, it was off to the boat area. We both grabbed fishing kayaks and started paddling out. Immediately we realized we were in for a rough ride. The wind seems to funnel down the length of this lake just perfectly, so that you don't realize there even IS wind until you're standing on the shoreline. The waves were big and we were both soaked thoroughly after 5-10 mins. Spent a good 15-20 mins trying to paddle to the west shore where there are some sheltered coves, getting pushed southward badly by the wind, felt like a river current! Paddling sideways to the breakers was a little scary........
Reached the west side, found some small sheltered beaches where we could throw a spinner or a bugger off the kayak. I found fly fishing to be difficult from the kayak, as the drift was considerable even on the calmer water, and I lacked an anchor. Decided it would be better off to try my luck trolling my lucky rapala (yes I sacrificed and pinched the barbs). Stuck the rod in the holder and let the line go, paddled back out into the heavy waves. Got my rapala about 125 feet behind me, paddling just fast enough to initiate that signature "rapala bounce" on my rod tip. The water in this lake is greenish blue and very clear, I would estimate that visibility was down to 15 feet even with the waves. I could see sand bars running out about 100 yds from the sandy points where the beaches terminate, and decided that the tips of those submerged bars were my best bet. Sure enough, as my rapala crossed the tip of the bar, i heard my drag start to whir and grabbed my pole. Ended up with a very nice looking cutthroat, the first I have ever caught. Tried to duplicate that success for the next couple hours, to no avail. My buddy was totally skunked. Headed back in soaked and tired, but happy. I got me a Cut!


07-20-2012, 08:44 PM
Sorry I missed you guys that day, the wind killed me by the time you guys got there. Looks like I should of stuck around water looks kinda calm in a couple pics. On the picture subject, Im sure they will fix the issue soon, at least I hope so. Ill send you some notes on posting pics from photobucket. Congrats on the Cut!