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10-22-2006, 11:49 AM
Well gave it a great try yesterday. Headed under the gate in the dark and headed around the point. The wind was up which took us off for a bit, since it was supposed to be flat. We made our way to Dux and started seeing tons of bait, birds all the right signs. We couldn't help ourselves it looked too good so we dropped in at the middle grounds. We trolled, and trolled and trolled. The wind seemed to build and it was now coming out of the south which made trolling in the chop fun. Finally we got to Dux.. still trolling. No scratches and take downs, nothin. We did this till about noon. Then we went over to the rocks and tried to get some Lings, Rockies. Well this is a first for me.. two hits for two hours NOTHIN! those guys were pretty tight lipped. The one take down we had ran into the rocks taking our only live Mackerel. After shaking our heads in disbelieve we decided if we were not going to catch anything we might as well troll. So we did that for another hour, then.. just then we got our one and only Salmon hit. Chris yelled fish on, slowed the boat, pulled the lines, cleared the deck. After doing all that Chris woke up this bad boy. Guess he didn't know he was hooked. The fish took off like a freight train. making Chris's little girly rod/reel combo sing. This Salmon was big, took chris around the boat about 4 times. Once when he was up front you could see the line peeling off toward the top.. he's gonna breach.. and he did three times! Duel Chris got down to the spool a few times it was like we had a Mako or something. I was actually backing down the boat for a Salmon. Went like that for a while, back down, then chase, then turn into him with the boat. Finally this guys started porpoising, you could see his dorsal fin and tail cutting through the top of th water about 100 ft off our stern. Chris nudged him closed and I netted him without incident. Barely fitting into the net. This big boy was about 40lbs, had the hooked jaw and all. After that that was all the action we saw at Dux.

More Pics at: http://www.tunatale.com/index.php?topic=319.0

10-22-2006, 02:32 PM
nice fish glad it all paid off