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10-17-2006, 09:41 AM
The alarm went off at 2am, dragged my arse out of bed and met Randy Fry (another Randy Fry BTW) in San Rafael, we loaded all the gear and started driving to Bragg. No traffic and the company was good so we the two hours passed quick. We did almost have several "deer" misses on the forest road to Bragg. Must have seen about a dozen or so. Anyway loaded on the boat and off we go. The seas were awesome very flat, in the morning no chop, just small swell. After about 2 hours motoring up to Shelter cove we get to the first area. We're fishing about 160' deep just shy of the cove. Everyone drops down instant hookups. Everyone pulled them up and it's a big blue. While some guys are stoked Randy and I just want to get through them to the bottom. We used 8oz huge grubbs. Those guys still tried to hit it. But they weren't big enough to stop it so clunk.. hit bottom. Then we started a constant pick of Lings with the occasional red. The grade of Lings was ok 24-28" about. Mostly keepers, but no hawgs. We did this drift still about half the day. We did see quite a few Quillbacks BTW. But Randy and I got our Lings and then help fill the boat for everyone. Some guys insisted on using flies, and all they got were blacks. The biggest blacks prolly went about 3-4lbs. Good grade as far as Blacks/Blues go. Later after getting the Ling quota taken care of we started to concentrate on Rockies, large swim baits, seemed to work. I managed two nice reds, no records, but still a good 5-7lb red. Later one in the day we moved to the inside, prolly about 85' and the water color was way off, but we gave it a go. Made a few drops, nothing. Moved around a bit till we found a productive hole. Once on that we got a few nice Coppers, China's and bigger Lings. There we're two lucky ladies on board the they got the biggest Ling, it looked about a 31"er Nice fattie. Anyway after that drop we headed for the barn and it was smooth riding in. If you guys want to go to Bragg and jump on a Charter I'd recommend the Rumble fish, the crew was real nice and the Captain was as good as they come.

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10-17-2006, 11:04 AM

Checkout the link below. It's an awesome fishing charter that works out of Shelter Cove. You will have to drive north of Willits about an hour to Garberville, but it will save you the two hour boat ride from Noyo Harbor (Ft Bragg).

Good luck!

10-17-2006, 12:46 PM
Thanks for that.. looking at it now

10-17-2006, 04:26 PM
Soul Fish,

I was wrong, its about two hours and twenty minutes from Willits (on Hwy 101) to Shelter Cove.

The advantage of lunching there is that the charter will take you about thirty miles north where some of the biggest lings along the coast are waiting for you.


10-17-2006, 07:40 PM
Just one note....

your tow vehicle must be in top shape as the last section of the road into the cove is very steep and there are few places to turn off. You're running along the rim of a ridge in the kings range

Be prepared, be safe.......

Once I overheated my brakes and they failed about half way down

had to use the emergency brake to the bottom......never again :o

You turn off at Garberville and take the Redway road out to the cove

10-17-2006, 07:56 PM
If you are towing it is best to put in 4/low for the last 5-8 miles. Even a mid/small boat will heat your brakes up.

10-18-2006, 10:37 AM
Soul Fish,

Are you towing a boat to Shelter Cove?

10-19-2006, 12:03 PM
I'd like to find a good 6 pack boat to go out of Noyo harbor or somewhere north for big lings and Halibut. Does anybody have any good recommendations?

10-19-2006, 06:30 PM
Mako: * * * * * The FishOn out of the Noyo Fishing Center might be what your looking for, but it's more like a twelve pack if it's booked. *Captain Don Akins does a really good job pleasing his customers. I don't believe Halibut are caught anywhere nearby.

SoulFish: * * * Was that Last Saturday? *I asked Captain Kurt on Friday if he minded if we trailed along in my boat on your trip North since he was booked. *After an hour on Saturday we got tired of the 12-13 mph pace of the Rumblefish, and went into shore just North of Westport where Hwy.1 leaves the coast. *We decided to give it a try, and if it didn't work out we would travel that extra ten miles to where you were at a much better clip than the Rumblefish can travel. *We never made it any further North, because we were catching some of the biggest Rockies we have caught in several years. *We filled the chest with Lings to 20 pounds along with the big Vermilions we were hooking by noon.

A few side notes; *My infraction for having an incomplete license was suspended by the Judge (forgot his name) at Ten Mile Court. All I had to pay was $35 for Court and enviromental fees. *Don't be afraid to appear in his Court. *He was a really fair guy, unlike the DFG goon who cited me in July. *Even the fishermen with citations for Silvers were getting off pretty easy. *BTW, we were stopped again on our way back to Noyo by the same DFG clown. *We were clean and legal, and on our way in just a few minutes.

There were literally millions of baitfish boiling to the surface between Westport and Noyo. *We passed dozens of schools on our way back. I think they were Anchovies. *I didn't think it way possible to fill up a Brown Pelican or a Gull for that matter. *The birds were just sitting on the water, to full to eat another baitfish. *I hope that's a good sign for the future............Ben.