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09-03-2012, 07:16 PM
Made a weekend trip over to twin lakes. Got to the lake on Friday morning around 9 and wind was coming up. I was able to troll for about 2 hours before the wind made it too hard to troll. I was able to manage 2 trout. The wind got so bad that the guys with the sail boat got off the water too.
Sat was just the opposite wind wise, no wind at all. Got on the water early, I was able to manage a limit before noon. All the fish came on chrome needle fish. The lake was stock in the last week or 2, from the size of some of the fish the DFG must be cleaning out everything they got. This lake has some small fish in it. Why is it that the fish you want to let go is the one is hooked so bad it won’t make it. If you are fishing this lake, you might want to up size your baits or down size you hook. I had several of these small fish take the hook in the mouth and come out the eye.

Mix bag of fish:

Since I finished fishing early I made a side trip to Masonic.

Chemung Mine

Mansoic mill

Sunday I was back on the lake early, I lost 3 fish early off. After that
things got going on the right track. Got another limit and started heading home after a great weekend on the water and back contry.

09-03-2012, 07:49 PM
I like having a current report for an area, thanks!