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  1. Re: Non-lead ammo and feeling like Im being held hostage

    I forgot to tell you, I'm USN retired Veteran. I paid my dues, and thank you for your service
  2. Non-lead ammo and feeling like Im being held hostage

    I just went to Sportsmans Warehouse to buy non-lead ammo for my 308. I was told I needed a background check, Ok I gave them my Ca drivers lic. and they said my lic was not acceptable because I had a...
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    Strip/sturg seat wanted Colusa ?

    62, Semi-retired veteran looking for strippers and or sturgeon fishing. I live in Chico. I will help with gas. I fish Eagle lake about 5 times a year so I can return the favor I have most Sat sun...
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    wanted reel repair Chico area

    wanted reel repair Chico area. I have a Dam Quick and a large Mitchel that need some help.
  5. Need a seat for sturgeon near chico===colusa- Butte city

    If you have room. I'd like to join you on a sac river sturgeon trip. I have sat-sun free, Mon mornings. Thanks
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    Re: Thermolito afterbay

    No problem, a threaded night crawler behind a set of pop gear. I think the bite has slowed down but the ones I'm catching are full of sculpins.
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    Re: Thermolito afterbay

    Yes, if you put the time in you can hook up a nice steelhead in the Afterbay
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    Navy vet needs open seat

    57 yr old Retired Navy vet looking for a salmon fishing trip. Anyone in the Chico area with a open seat for Sat or Sunday would be great? Will help with gas $ I have roe from last year. Thanks
  9. Thread: Oroville Coho

    by mufishen

    Re: Oroville Coho

    I loved fishing Oroville for kings. Back in 1991 my brother and I caught 10 kings that weighed 4 to 10 1/2 LBS . I never had a day like that fishing for Coho. I like the way kings fight, a big slam...
  10. Re: Harassment by Rangers at Lake Chabot needs to stop!!!

    I have a friend in chico who had a ranger drive down from Lassen to arrest him for posting a flier on a park bulletin board. He was the volunteer who built the board in the first place. It made the...
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