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    Re: Santa Cruz in April

    Halibut are definitely a possibility as the water starts warming up around then. Most of the 'but that I've seen landed there come off the pier on live bait, so if there's bait around then you've...
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    Anderson Reservoir Getting Drained

    Just saw this in the news:

    You think they'll do something to rescue the aquatic...
  3. Re: Has Anyone ever fished Lake Lucerne, Bean Hollow Lake or Los Frijoles Reservoir?

    Have you checked it out? The land-locked ponds do look decent, but I wonder about ease of access. The one next to the beach definitely looks tidal so I have some reservations about that.
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    Re: My December bass fishing

    Time to buckle down and work on organizing tackle, respooling reels, sharpening hooks, and just kill time 'til spring. It's just around the corner!
  5. Thread: herring

    by BiteArray

    Re: herring

    Any reports from the last few weeks on herring? I've been out of the game but curious how the cast netters have done.
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    Topwater Stripers in the Bay

    Has anyone had success with catching stripers in the bay from the bank on topwater? Since the world series bite is nearing, I'd like to visit some high percentage bank spots in the south bay and try...
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    Summer time finesse fishing

    I've been working a local pond with ultra clear water with some finesse techniques to get the lethargic bass to bite during the mid-day summer heat. I've had limited success, only on weightless...
  8. Re: Most common or popular casting rod/reel for plugging stripers

    Thanks, all. I ended up picking up a Silver Max and will be pairing it with a medium rod and try my hands at flipping, pitching, and casting some spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and topwater (if I ever get...
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    Re: Newbie to Bass

    I found this series "Beginner's Guide to Bass Fishing" on YouTube last night and found it to be very good. This episode on bait and tackle breaks down beginner lures pretty well -...
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    Re: Newbie to Bass

    Hi - fellow newbie here! I actually went out for my first official freshwater trip this week and hooked into my first bass. Also wasn't big but it was super fun. Fished saltwater for several years...
  11. Re: Most common or popular casting rod/reel for plugging stripers

    What's considered a "standard bass sized" conventional reel? I'd love to get a couple examples (I know very little about bass fishing gear).
  12. Re: Repair Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3-5501 tension knob

    Nice! I do make my way to Sacramento every once in a while and can bring the reel next time. I'm closer to the SJ location so I can try bringing the reel in there too.
  13. Repair Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3-5501 tension knob

    Hello - I have a C3-5501 reel that is a few years old that appears to work fine, but has a broken plastic piece inside the tension knob. When I loosen the tension knob all the way and remove the cap,...
  14. Most common or popular casting rod/reel for plugging stripers

    Hi - I'm wondering about the most popular casting rod/reel for plugging stripers. I mostly fish the bay and target stripers in the summer time, but am interested in getting a smaller setup that...
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    Re: Surf fishing pointers or teacher

    Sandcrabs will do the trick for stripers. Dig down several inches into the wet sand and find some nice ones with roe (EDIT: some anglers swear by softshell ones too; I don't have enough experience to...
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