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  1. Thread: Wild trout

    by yell0wshirt

    Re: Wild trout

    Whoa! That looks awesome! Was this up north in the truckee area? I need a place to practice fly fishing!

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    Float Tube Help

    So I got my float tube....but I have yet to use it.

    I have my set of waders, wading boots and fins. I'm assuming I need to bring a PFD on board as well and I've had one of those for past trips.
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    Where to get Brook Trout right now?

    So it looks like there's still a ton of snow to get where I'd like to this weekend and I was really looking forward to trying my hand at catching some Brooks. I've never caught one and I'd love to...
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    Recommendations on a float tube

    Looking for a rec on a decent float tube. I've never had one or used one. I've seen the ones in the Bass Pro before, but I'm not sure which ones are a good option. I do casting and fly fishing and...
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    Re: Hiking Round Top, Winnemucca Lake

    Oh wow, thanks for the help and the update everyone. I thought more snow would be gone by now, but it looks like fishing won't be going off anytime soon!

    Does anyone have an idea on spots that may...
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    Hiking Round Top, Winnemucca Lake

    Has anyone been to Winnemucca or Round Top lake before? Does anyone know if there's still snow up on those trails?

    My buddy has a cabin up on Silver Lake and I was going to try and hike up here. ...
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    Re: ICR and Hwy 88 report 6/6/19

    Oh wow nice fish! You can get cutts from bank fishing ICR? Always thought youd only get the trolling! Still never been able to catch one. Maybe this summer!

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    Wrights lake open?

    Has anyone been up to Wrights yet? Id like to get up there and maybe hike in to Grouse Lake. Ive never done that hike so any help will be great.

    Is Grouse easy to get to? Any tips on spinning...
  9. Re: Recommendations on Spots up by HWY 50 or 88 tomorrow?

    If you dont mind me asking, where is junction? Ive gone fishing near China flat campground before, but I find it hard to hike in some places. Thanks for the help!

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  10. Re: Recommendations on Spots up by HWY 50 or 88 tomorrow?

    Is NID by Gerle or something?

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  11. Re: Recommendations on Spots up by HWY 50 or 88 tomorrow?

    Went up to Gerle today. Fished the reservoir at two different entrances. I had to walk in today. Theyre doing some work at the dam and up north near the campsites (wood chipping). The water is about...
  12. Re: Recommendations on Spots up by HWY 50 or 88 tomorrow?

    Awesome. Thanks for the help. Ill have to try the reservoir (Ive never caught a brown either) and then maybe the creek between Gerle reservoir and Loon. Been fishing all my life and never caught a...
  13. Re: Recommendations on Spots up by HWY 50 or 88 tomorrow?

    Are you talking about fishing the reservoir itself? The creek upstream being Gerle Creek at the north point of the reservoir or angel creek to the east? Does the South Park of Gerle Creek (the...
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    Fly fishing up by truckee area?

    Anyone have any reports on fly fishing up on the truckee near 89 or Horners corner? Id like to try and go, just not sure if its all blown out still.

    Any recs on flies would be great too! ...
  15. Re: Recommendations on Spots up by HWY 50 or 88 tomorrow?

    I actually think access to Tiger Creek is still down. I tried to get there a few months ago, but the Road was partially washed out so Caltrans had closed it and blocked it off. There were active...
  16. Re: Recommendations on Spots up by HWY 50 or 88 tomorrow?

    Drove up early this morning. Ice House is clear and open, the road to Wrights is still covered in snow.

    Looon is still covered as well. I tried to go to Gerle, but there's no access, gates are...
  17. Re: Recommendations on Spots up by HWY 50 or 88 tomorrow?

    How do you get to Gerle Creek? If you dont mind sharing? Any recs on lures to use?

    Thank you!
  18. Recommendations on Spots up by HWY 50 or 88 tomorrow?

    Planning on heading up and fishing north tomorrow from the Bay Area. Been fishing Tabeaud the past few months with good success. Was wondering if anyone has any recs on spots to fish up by Lake...
  19. Tiger Creek Reservoir and bodies of water around

    Anyone know what the regulations for fishing tiger creek forebay and regulation reservoir are? I haven't seen anything on Fish & Game about it, just that some of the streams are illegal until the...
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    Re: Hello Hole?????

    So I really like to wander a lot when I go fishing. I try to pick spots way out there, Hell Hole being one of them. A few months ago I tried to go, but didn't chance it. So many felled trees all...
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    Pyramid or Topaz?

    Heading up north tomorrow to do some fishing. Anyone have any recs on which lake is best to fish from shore right now? Thinking either Pyramid or Topaz. Never been to either, but heard some great...
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    Re: Heading up to Camanche

    Reporting back.

    I fished the pond yesterday. The guy at the pay station said they planted 800lbs worth of trout in the pond a few weeks ago, both lightning and rainbow. I fished both sides of...
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    Heading up to Camanche

    So I'm going to try out Camanche tomorrow. Never been up there and i'll be shore fishing. I was wondering if anyone has advice for trout or bass there? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!
  24. Re: Brower Creek, Black Creek, Carson Creek (New Melones) help

    Just bumping this today. Went to Brower Creek area today, just shore fishing. Not too bad of a hike in today, but got skunked. Threw just about everything out in the water today, but I think a...
  25. Brower Creek, Black Creek, Carson Creek help

    Looking for some help from anyone that's fished this area. I've heard it's fairly good for bass, but i'm not sure what else is up there. I've searched for the above creeks but it just shows it as...
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