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    Re: Being Respectful

    That sucks man. Hopefully you can find a cheap replacement. Here's what a quick search on Amazon turned up:
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    Re: Rio Vista 9/23

    Was out there as well. Only fished the High and just a smidge of the outgoing. Had the wife on the boat, so it was a quick strike mission. One hit, one stick, 9 dinners :)
  3. Re: Lake Pardee Pochers Crowds & lots of rainbows =

    Jfitalia: I hear you, but this will be the first year where people don't bother with Berryessa. I have continued to fish it for bass, catfish, and still give trout and kokes a honest shot just to...
  4. Re: Lake Pardee Pochers Crowds & lots of rainbows =

    I would expect many of the local cold water fisheries lakes to be much more heavily used this year. That's what happens when the largest / only cold water fishery in the area closest to the Bay...
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    02/25/17 Lake Berryessa

    OTW ~8:00 AM. Launched at Markely but ran to the Narrows as Markley was pretty muddy still. Water temp 52-54. Trolled for only about 3 hours then picked up the Mrs and her sister to just put...
  6. Re: Super Bowl D.W.S.C. Stripers February 5, 2017

    Damn I had this same idea and decided against it. Thought the water would be blown out all the way to the gates. Way to put your head down and get it done, and, as always, thanks for the report!
  7. Re: Lake Berryessa: With new learning, new approach?

    Hey Kyle,

    Thank you for responding and I appreciate your ongoing work on the fishery! I was looking at the 2017 plant strategy on: ...
  8. Re: Lake Berryessa: With new learning, new approach?

    And that is fair, however, putting the entire fishery at stake on good wet seasons, as history has shown us, is one that is cyclic at best and setting the fishery up for feast or famine.

    Given the...
  9. Lake Berryessa: With new learning, new approach?

    I read the Kokaneepower article and the new snippet in the FS paper and a question hit me:

    With new learning about what is causing the issue with the Kokes, obviously a "status quo" approach is...
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    Re: Kokanee Egg Take with Fish and Wildlife

    Server is down even at the root domain level.
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    Re: Insanity !!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome!! That's totally how Berry used to be! ... minus the 4 hour drive!
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    Re: Good news for Berryessa kokanee

    This is good news. Hopefully, they will continue to plant Berryessa and consider upping the plants a bit since we are basically starting from scratch.
  13. Re: Lake Berryessa the 7th best bass lake out of the Top 100 in America for 2016.

    You seem to think you know about the productivity of my fishing trips? Most of the pictures I posted earlier in this thread are from those trips. How many 20" trout did you troll up over the last...
  14. Re: Lake Berryessa the 7th best bass lake out of the Top 100 in America for 2016.

    Ok Red, I am getting the visual of you foaming at the mouth behind your keyboard. Maybe you are too vested into arguing with Cam to have a logical discussion. I would suggest a deep breath and self...
  15. Re: Lake Berryessa the 7th best bass lake out of the Top 100 in America for 2016.

    To address a few points:

    Management implies an understanding of the appropriate variables AND creates an expectation of adaption to a change of those variables to succeed. How is keeping the...
  16. Re: Lake Berryessa the 7th best bass lake out of the Top 100 in America for 2016.

    I always cringe when I see these posts. Not because Captain doesn't have some valid points, but the way he goes about it is a bit abrasive and I think undermines the legitimate elements.

    This is...
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    Re: Big dog deep channel

    Water was slightly stained, dead flat, and fished high tide, all fish trolling shallow and at ~3.5 - 4MPH
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    Re: Big dog deep channel

    I had same experience on Saturday. I caught 7 in about 2 hours. All males or small females. The two largest keepers both were heavily milting males. This was in a different area of the Delta, but...
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    Re: Riding the storm

    Way to represent Brick!

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    Rio Vista 01/31/16: Gettin' It Done!

    Started at windy and only got windier. Had the Mrs and my son out and neither were psyched in the conditions. I ran to my spot and anchored up. With 2 hours, I had my first 2016 keeper. Solid...
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    Re: Water condition San Joaquin Side?

    Went to the SJ today (Sat 012/23/16) after the main chain started getting snotty. Still very brown, though a little cleaner than the main channel. I tried 4 spots that have produced before and with...
  22. Thread: 4/11 Berry

    by Roughster

    Re: 4/11 Berry

    I was out paddle boarding and kayak fishing Sat and Today and it is the first time this season I saw plankton in the water in quantity. The fishing should improve dramatically given that tell-tale...
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    Re: Berryess 4/4 - Nada Yet!

    Bingo! There is something funky going on for sure. While I've only been fishing the lake hard for 8 years or so, I have to agree that this is not a "funky" weather thing. I personally think there...
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    Re: American Shad for Bait?

    RacerX: Love the passion man, but you seem to be misguided and just coming across as creepy and obsessive.

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    Re: Guide vs No Guide

    Hiring a guide is being taught to fish. Fishing with success by yourself is demonstration of the knowledge of knowing how to fish. Given that:

    Catching a fish without a guide is a progression...
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