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    Re: Bass guide Clear lake

    I took a guide trip at Clear Lake last Sept.
    I was out of Ed Legan and had a great trip with my son.
    Both of us are new to bass fishing and he was very patient and showed us how to catch bass. :)...
  2. Re: Clear lake direction from Oakland - towning a boat

    Thanks for the info.
  3. Clear lake direction from Oakland - towning a boat


    I'll be going to clear lake (Lakeport) in March.
    I will be towing a 19ft boat to fishing.
    What is the best way to route to take when towing a boat?

  4. Thread: east bay lakes

    by jyang

    Re: east bay lakes

    I fish Lafayette often on the boat but I'll share what works for me.
    I do best with white power eggs and white power warm combo with about 3ft of leader. In the past couple of outing, sunrise power...
  5. Thread: Lafayette res.

    by jyang

    Re: Lafayette res.

    If you have/rent a boat, go to south send fish near the furthest white buey on the right side. I have done really well there. If you are fishng from dock, I try to go to the dock that is next...
  6. Re: Fishing Pine Mountain lake ( by don pedro) Memorial Day weekend.

    Thanks for the report.
    I was up at Pine Mountain Lake over the long weekend too. I heard they planted some trout right before the long weekend. I only got to fishing for 1 hours from shore and...
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