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    Re: Hewscraft trolling motor help

    Have a new Duckworth with a small bow area. You can fish from it, but it’s tight. If you are plugging for bass/stripers, it’s doable, but you have to watch your backswing on the cast. It’s also...
  2. Team Fish Sniffer Adds a New Duckworth Advantage Sport To Fleet!

    By Wes Ward Duckworth welded aluminum boats have long been one of the best built fishing platforms available. Built to the highest construction and performance standards, Duckworth has a legendary...
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    Tough Bite at Oroville

    Matt and I took the new Duckworth to Oroville to try to stir up some Kings.
  4. CA Fish and Game Commission Delays Vote on Revisions to Delta Fisheries and Striped B

    After listening to several dozen speakers from the California Striped Bass Association,*NCGASA*Delta Anglers Coalition*and other organizations,*the California Fish and Game*Commission at its meeting...
  5. Re: Cal and Wes have a New Fishing Platform

    Co-captain sponsorship.
  6. Re: Cal and Wes have a New Fishing Platform

    That’s on the short list of outings in the near future. Will definitely post a report.

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    Re: Is 90 hp enough?

    I just picked up a 2020 Duckworth Advantage Sport 18 w/ a Yamaha 90 last week. Only been on the water for a few hours, but can say that the 90 is plenty.

  8. Cal and Wes have a New Fishing Platform

    Huge thanks to Duckworth Boats and Gone Fishin' Marine for the opportunity to run a Sponsored Duckworth Advantage Sport 18! Here's the a rundown of the first shakedown.

  9. Judge Halts Westlands Water District’s Participation in Plan to Raise Shasta Dam

    SACRAMENTO – On July 31, Shasta County Superior Court Judge Dennis J.*Buckley*granted a preliminary injunction halting Westlands Water District’s participation in a Bureau of Reclamation*project to...
  10. Red Hot Oroville King Salmon Fishing with Captain Kevin Brock!

    By Cal Kellogg The conditions had gone from great to not so good. The sun was high, the surface chop we’d enjoyed all morning was gone leaving the surface glassy, the bait had completely disappeared...
  11. Trollers Battle Limits of Tasty Stampede Kokanee Salmon

    SACRAMENTO – The kokanee salmon, a landlocked sockeye salmon that was introduced to select lakes in northern California many decades ago, is one of the most popular fish pursued by trollers during...
  12. Salmon Anglers Find Best Success on Opener in Feather River

    OROVILLE – Most bank anglers and boat fishermen experienced challenging salmon fishing on opening day, July 16, for Chinook salmon on the Feather, Sacramento, American and Mokelumne rivers. Salmon...
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    Re: King Trolling Gear

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  14. Public process to negotiate amendments to SWP contracts for a new Delta Tunnel projec

    The Department of Water Resources on July 9 announced the beginning of the “public process” to negotiate proposed amendments to the State Water Project water supply contracts for a new Delta...
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    Spooling with lead core?

    Cal and I use a hybrid lead core setup all the time. It can get down to 30’ with just 3 colors. Check this out:

    PS: I have a pile of rods and reels going out in the next couple days. You...
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    Re: Oroville Kings

    All of our fish were caught on hoochies or tubes that day.
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    How To Catch Lake Oroville King Salmon
  18. GGSA ‘Fish Like A Girl’ Trip Produces Salmon Limits

    On Friday, July 5, the second Golden Gate Salmon Association (GGSA) “Fish Like a Girl” all ladies salmon fishing trip aboard the Salty Lady departed from the Sausalito Harbor to fish outside of the...
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    Re: Oroville Kings

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    Re: Oroville Kings

    I don’t know why you can’t unclick the likes/ dislikes. It’s just not a feature that the system offers. It’s all good. I wouldn’t have noticed without you mentioning it.
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    Oroville Kings

    Limits of Kings in 2 hours earlier this week at Oroville. Full writeup in the next issue of the magazine.
  22. Shallow Water Rockfishing with Black Bass Gear

    I have known my friend Mike Rheuby for many years having fished against him in black bass tournaments back in the day. More recently I have fished with him quite a bit and I always enjoy the time on...
  23. Stampede Reservoir With The Purple Heart Anglers

    By Cal Kellogg On Saturday, June 1, I made the early morning drive from my home in Foresthill, Ca to Stampede Reservoir near Truckee to attend a fishing event with an organization call, Purple Heart...
  24. Thread: Oh boy!

    by AnglingWes

    Re: Oh boy!

    I use Nord. It’s stable and fast for 90% of what I do. Have to turn it off to play CoD or Anthem at anything over 30FPS.

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  25. Epic Salmon Action Aboard The New Easy Rider!

    By Cal Kellogg There is something special about ocean salmon fishing. When there are salmon lurking beyond the Golden Gate, you can feel the electricity in the air at Bay Area ports and saltwater...
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